DIY Silicone Tube Holder (Caulk/Sealant Rack)

3 Hours

An easy DIY silicone tube holder made of offcuts and fitted in a workshop between shed spars. It's perfect for sealants, caulks and glues, with the option to hang a silicone tube gun on the side and spare nozzles in a shelf at the bottom.

For a long time, I've been looking for silicone tube storage ideas, but couldn't find what I was looking for. However, recently, while organizing my workshop, I came up with a solution.

It used up offcuts I was inundated with and wall space to suspend it and not get in the way.

What's even better is, it cost me nothing and all my caulks, glues and sealants now have a home, including all the associated things that come with it. Even WD-40 cans.

Other Uses For a Caulk Storage Rack

Note that essentially, we're creating a box shelf as we go. But, you can still make it away from a wall, then design it for as a van silicone tube holder, instead of paying £30+ on Amazon or Screwfix. AND, design it to your specifications!

Alternatively, it's also ideal for spray paints and cans.

Tools & Materials I Used

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Here's a range of tools and material I used:

*Thickness of wood

Note, the thickness of the side sections screwed to the spars doesn't really matter. This is merely used to extend the shelves. However, try to opt for a minimum of 15mm thick offcuts for the shelves.

Also, I recommend avoiding MDF as shelves, as you can see below, it can split. EVEN if you've predrilled it! But, generally, it's fine to use what you have as you can always replace them later. It's easy enough to do.

How to Make Your Own DIY Caulk Tube Holder

First, find some spars in your workshop shed where you'd like to hang your DIY silicone rack.

Then use a spirit level to draw the height of it on the spars itself.

Next, using some plywood or OSB strips offcuts, place them inside the spars, with the top lined up to the spirit level mark. And screw to the spars using an impact driver.

Impact Driver Substitutes

If you don't have an impact driver, you can predrill and screw the strips to the spar. Or, if using thin screws and not close to the end of timber, you can usually get away with no predrilling.

Tips on Offcuts

Note, these offcuts don't need to be pretty. They don't even have to match in length. But it will help if the depth matches when coming to marking out shelf placement.

As you can see below, I'm using what I had and extended the length by screwing more underneath.

This is a shed. It's not fine carpentry. And it's a great way to instantly make your workshop more user friendly and organized.

Adding a Top Shelf

Although not vital, I measured and cut another piece to the same new internal width to clamp and screw for a top-shelf.

Every workshop storage solution helps, which I later found this section useful for my paper towel rolls.

Obviously, cleaning up with wipes is a key part of any sealant or caulking job.

Adding Shelves

I'll give you my measurements shortly on how I spaced and angled my silicone pot holder shelves.

But first, I advise you to check what depth of your shelves would suit you. Below, I'm getting an idea of mine and the angles.

It will all depend on what products you're using to store. Especially as, for example, gap fillers and expanding foam tend to be fatter and longer.

Measurements and Angles for Silicone Shelves

After cutting my offcut shelves down, I found the following perfect for my needs:

  • Distanced every 10cm
  • Screwed on a 45 degree angle

One top tip though, is to ensure your shelf offcuts are deep enough to avoid smaller products from falling down the back.

Keep Repeating

Once you've fitted your first caulk storage rack, it's simply a matter of continuing until you get to the bottom.

But remember, if you run out of shelves needed, you can always add more extended side wall sections.

If you're worried about it being too heavy, then you can also screw a nogging between both spars for the caulk holder to rest on and ease some weight. However, I don't think this is necessary with the amount of screws I used!

Adding a Bottom Shelf for Silicone Nozzles

Again, a bottom shelf isn't entirely necessary, but I had a huge amount of spare spouts, or nozzles, if you will. So it made sense to give them a home.

First I cut another offcut to the same depth, and then the same width as the shelves.

Then screwed it to the bottom from either side of the extended wall pieces.

To contain the nozzles, I found yet another offcut that had already been cut on an angle. I left it on an angle as I thought it looked interesting and unique.

Then trimmed it down to the width I needed and screwed it to the face of the shelf. And the beauty of this silicone rack is that I can detach it from the wall if desired without taking it apart.

Final Touches

Once I'd built my DIY silicone tube rack, I added a few screws on the outside to hang my silicone guns and spreader/remover tool.

Total Spend on my DIY Silicone Tube Holder

Free. I had everything in already and now have an organized silicone wall, along with more room in my workshop due to using up offcuts!

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Prep Time

1 hour

Active Time

1 hour

Total Time

2 hours




  • Offcuts

  • Wood screws


  • Hand saw

  • Combi drill

  • Impact driver

  • Pocket hole jig

  • Tape measure

  • Sliding bevel gauge


  1. Cut some offcut strips and screw them inside your shed's spars.
  2. Measure the new internal width and cut some shelves - ideally 15mm or thicker
  3. Pocket hole and screw a top shelf if desired.
  4. Space and screw the shelves approximately every 10cm on 45 degree angles.
  5. Screw a final bottom and a front piece to screw on to store silicone, sealant or caulk tube nozzles.
  6. Add some screws on the side to hang caulk guns and silicone remover tools.
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