Entryway Organizer for Keys, Mails and Wallet

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A simple and minimalist entryway wall organizer for your beautiful home! This is designed to keep your wallet, keys and your mails organized and easily accessible while you enter or leave your home.

Here is a video with full tutorial.

This project is made with half inch thick, 8 inch wide Aspen board. You could use any wood that has beautiful wood grain patterns.

Note: Though the label on the wood says, 1/2″x8″x6′, the actual size of the wood is 7/16″x7-1/4″x6′. Below cut list diagram is prepared based on the actual dimensions.

Mark & Cut all the pieces.

Exact dimensions and cut list for this DIY is available at my blog.

Making crosscuts:

First, chop off the edge to make the board square. Then cut the board into three pieces which would include a front panel, back panel and a third piece. Later, this third piece will be broken down into side and bottom piece.

Cutting to size:

The actual width of the Aspen board is 7-1/4 inches. So, I cut down the width of front and back panel pieces to the required 6 and half inches with the table saw. 

Then, cut 2 nos of one inch strips with the third piece. Now, break down those strips to exact sizes for the bottom and side pieces.

Front panel cut

The front panel has three cuts. First one is the 30 deg miter cut. To make this, set the miter saw to 30deg and cut the angle. Then using that angle cut as reference draw a parallel line at 4-1/2″ distance. Draw another horizontal reference line at 1-1/2″ from top. Now, you would have got the reference for making our next two cuts. Connect those lines and cut them with a jigsaw.

3d view with full dimensions are available in my website.

How to make a Groove :

To make this groove line on the front panel, measure and draw a line at 1-1/2″ from right end. Then set the  circular saw blade approximately 1/8″ inch deep into the board and run the saw. To make the groove line a little wider, move the piece to 1/8″ inch and run again.


As per the design, this organizer has magnet fixed underneath to hold the keys. So, I bought these 10 pack strong magnets from amazon. They are only about 60mm length, 10mm wide and 3mm thick. In order to fix these magnets at flush level, we have to create a linear recessed slot long enough to hold 5 nos magnets. To make the slot I used 3/8″ inch straight bit on the trim router and set the depth same as the thickness of the magnet. If you are going to fix the magnets using a double sided tape, then be sure to add the thickness of the tape as well while setting the depth of the router bit. I forgot about this, so used super glue to fix the magnets.


Now that all the parts are ready, clean them with a cloth and prep for painting. Use a masking tape and secure the edges of the painting area to avoid spill over. Then paint it to any color of your liking. I applied two coats of metallic Glacier blue with a foam brush.


Once the paint dried, assemble all the pieces with wood glue. To help the process, I added masking tape and secured it with a few clamps till the glue dried.


After a few hours, remove the clamps and sand the whole piece with all purpose sanding block to smoothen the edges. Then clean it with a tack cloth and apply two coats of clear polyacrylic sealer.

Finally, glue up the magnets, install the hanging hardware and its good to hang on your wall!

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Suggested materials:
  • 1/2 x 8 x 6′ Aspen board   (Menards)
  • Strong Neodymium Bar Magnets   (Amazon)
  • Key hole wall hangers
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  • Cathy Hale Cathy Hale on Aug 13, 2021

    Love this. Just one note of caution. Do NOT hang your house and car keys out in the open near any door. If someone were to break into your house, they can easily grab your keys, unlock the garage, and then steal your car as well as your belongings. There are other things you can hang on the hooks...dog leashes, an umbrella, a hat or scarf. Be safe not sorry.

  • Carol F Carol F on Jan 19, 2022

    Great design and color combo!