How to imitate a "live edge" on wood for a shelf?

by Edie
Wow ,raw lumber is expensive! Looking to create a faux look on the cheap!

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  • Clever thinking! I bet you could use something like paper towels or tissue paper and a glue type mixture, smush it on there all freeform like bark. Cut the edges first in a random curvy way then faux paint it to look like wood.

    • Edie Edie on Jun 20, 2018
      Thanks for the suggestion! Will look closer at this idea!

  • William William on Jun 19, 2018
    Becky's idea is great. Cut the edge in random curves. Mix some shredded tissue paper or paper towels and white glue like making paper mache. Slap it on the edge and work it to make it look like bark, Paint or stain.

  • Linda Hunt Linda Hunt on Jun 21, 2018
    What about considering picking up actual pieces of bark on your walks? Any forest or city park usually has lots of bark on the ground that we just do not notice. Bake it at lowest temp on your oven and practise the layout you like then cut them to size and glue them on with liquid nails. Voila, the real thing without the horrid cost.

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    • Linda Hunt Linda Hunt on Jun 22, 2018
      Forgot to say braking for three hours kills any wee critters. Freezing them will do the same thing too for most critters. Just have jun with your own design and share it with pride to the rest of us when you have completed it. A step by step will be very interesting to anyone who has not done this!!