Asked on Oct 25, 2020

Mudroom bench 7 or 9 hooks?

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis

I think I know what the answer will be but I guess I am looking for validation. The easiest part of this project, I thought, would be the hooks.... First, I was going to have just one row. Then at the last minute I decided to add a staggered second row. I thought it would be best to leave the first board on each end without a hook but now I think it looks unfinished. Should I add a hook to each end of the second row? Tutorial coming soon. Empty space on right side will house a charging station.

At the suggestion of hanging some items and seeing how it worked out. Wow! That was an eye opener. To me, the extra hooks wouldn’t be used... so unless, someone changes my mind, I think I’m leaving this as is. 🙂 I added a picture to show how just a few items, fills the space. And don’t you just Love the Hometalk bag?!?

q mudroom bench 7 or 9 hooks
q mudroom bench 7 or 9 hooks
I need to add one at each end, right?
q mudroom bench 7 or 9 hooks
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