Turn a door into easy shelving

Deepen a regular door and add shelves to create instant storage. Get tutorial here

Turn old books into a very literal shelf

Get a bookshelf like you've never images before with this quick idea. Get tutorial here

Stick chairs up on the wall

If you can get your hands on some pretty chairs, this display look is fun & functional! Get tutorial here

Use old abandoned drawers

Save the drawers from an unwanted dresser and use them for storage and showing treasures. Get tutorial here

Make display space out of popsicle sticks

Glue popsicle sticks into a hexagon shape to make a delicate, inexpensive display shelf. Get tutorial here

Stack apple crates against an open wall

Arrange a bunch of crates for easy organized wall storage. Get tutorial here

Cut coffee tables in half & hang them

Hang half a coffee table on the wall for interesting and effective space. Get tutorial here

Pair a cheese box and an old belt

Get this designer look using a cheese box, an old belt, and a single plank of wood! Get tutorial here

Put plastic crates along the top of a wall

For easy game and toy storage, nail a couple of plastic crates into the top of a free wall. Get tutorial here

Use a pegboard for a versatile design

Get shelving that works for whatever you need, with this easily changed design. Get tutorial here

Hang a vintage ironing board

Vintage items make great signs and excellent wall storage. Get tutorial here

Display treasures on chunky wooden blocks

Make a beautiful wall display by sticking up chunky wooden blocks and showing off your gems. Get tutorial here

Repurpose an old ladder for multiple levels

Lay some wood planks over those rungs an you've got an instant bookcase full of shelves. Get tutorial here

Tie wood planks together with rope and hang

Make a minimalist, shallow shelf for smaller display items with wood & rope. Get tutorial here

Cut an old suitcase and hang it up

Who would have thought a vintage storage find could give you more wall space. Get tutorial here

Attach two salvaged shutters to a few planks

We always love shutter upcycles, but pair that with storage? So doing this! Get tutorial here

Paint hexagon boxes for a honeycomb display

These are so chic looking, you would never guess they were paper mache boxes! Get tutorial here