Homemade Gym - Part I: Olympic Rings

Avner Israel
by Avner Israel
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I have the best "guys apartment."
And I figured, what is a better way to DIY and improve my home than to add some sports equipment for the living room?

1) I have concrete walls and ceiling at home -- any attempt to try this project on wooden/drywall is not recommended - research and make sure you do it safely.
2) Keep in mind basic physics: Jumping up and down and maneuvering your weight from one or two hooks attached to the ceiling is not something to be taken lightly.
Homemade Gym
Make sure you invest in the highest quality heavy duty screws. This is one of those times when you don't want them to break--ever.
DIY making gymnastics rings
One option to mount the screws is directly from the ceiling, so its upside down from the ground. I decided to mount my screws with 90 degrees into a support beam that luckily was there. This way I declined the pulling force on the screws.
Measure 20 inches between the screws.
Make sure that there is enough room on both sides -at least 15 inches away from anything when you stand in the middle and have your arms open.
If you are drilling from a lower point than the hole, a mask is recommended.
With the screws I have, there are options to adjust how much of the screw protrudes from the wall, feel free to adjust this to your liking.
After getting the screws into the wall, you need to secure them. I did this by rotating the hook clockwise. The more you rotate the screw the more it forces the lock inside (the cuff--looking thing that is sticking out from the screw) to retreat into the metal sleeve and expand the sleeve, further locking it into the wall. This is the most important part. Rotate the hook until you can't rotate it any further.
Now the screws are ready and properly anchored into the wall, so I can mount the rings when they arrive.
Finally mount the rings
The final product
Suggested materials:
  • Gymnastic Rings   (Amazon)
  • Drill   (Home Depot)
  • Drill bit size 13   (Home Depot)
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