How to clean a glass top stove?

by Angie

Whats the best cleaner to use to clean a "glass stove top"? Whenever we cook on it, food or oil always get stuck to it. I want to be able to keep it looking clean "like new" whenever it is not being used. Thanks for any suggestions for this issue.

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  • To Work With My Hands To Work With My Hands on Jan 24, 2019

    Hi Angie,

    I love to keep my glass stove top looking as close to new as I can too! Here's what I do:

    For stuck on stains, I use a flat razor blade to scrape them off. You can buy them in the hardware section at Wal-Mart with plastic holders, so all you have to do is pop in a blade and you'll be able to scrape safely.

    For the rest, I use regular dish soap and a steel wool pad. I've never had trouble with it scratching the surface, but if you're hesitant to try, you can also use those green Scotch-brite pads. I use those sometimes, but find that the steel wool will do a better job overall.

    I usually remove the knobs (because stuff will scoot under the edges of them), scrub the whole surface, then rinse with a wet kitchen dishcloth, polish to a shine with a dry one, and replace the knobs (I give them a wash in the sink with dish soap).

    Hope this helps!

  • If this happens on a regular basis, you are not using the right size pot or pan for your food. Use the next size up. After you turn off the stove, douse a paper or kitchen towel with vinegar and lay it on top of the stove. By the time the meal is over the vinegar will have done it's job and should just wipe up. I currently have a gas stove and wipe it down after each use for the very same reason.

  • Annie Annie on Jan 24, 2019

    Boy, do I hate these things! Worst idea, right next to stainless steel appliances. I clean ours with glass cleaner. Have tried everything. If I want to make a project out of it it’s possible to get it looking pretty clean but, hey, life goes on!

  • Jen Jen on Jan 25, 2019

    When we bought our house it had years of crud. Tried everything! Magic erasers fell apart...this stuff works great! I use it once a week