Tips to Cure the Washer Stink

by Angela
Front loading washer are prone to mold and bacteria growth if not maintained properly. Even if your washer already stinks, these tips will help keep your washer from stinking and prevent the stink from happening.
1. Use the recommended amount of soap or less
Front loaders only need 1-2 tablespoons of detergent, not 1/2 cup. Using too much detergent will cause build up which is the perfect food for mold.
2. Use Vinegar as Fabric Softener
Regular fabric softener also causes build up in the washer. Using vinegar instead helps to clear build up in addition to softening clothes. Vinegar will not make your clothes or washer smell like pickles, I promise.
3. Check the Filters and Hoses
Build up not only occurs in the drum but in the drainage hoses as well. The washer can appear clean but still smell because of the hoses. Regularly check the washer drain filter for potential clogs. When the drain is clogged, mold and bacteria can grow causing your washer to smell.
4. Leave the Washer Door Open
Leaving the washer door open is the most important and the most obvious. Closing the door stops airflow leaving a warm damp environment. Even cracking the door open slightly and the detergent dispenser will allow the machine to dry out and help inhibit mold growth.
I have thoroughly cleaned my machine and follow these tips. My machine never smells and does not make my clothes smell.
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The first line is plenty for a large load. Fill it up halfway to the line for a small/regular sized load.
Fabric softener builds up in the drawer and other hidden places.
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