Do These Popular Cleaning Hacks Really Work??

Marybeth Santos
by Marybeth Santos
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I tried two popular DIY Cleaning Hacks that I found on Pinterest and I'm here to share the results with you! I tried a Grout Cleaner Hack and a DIY Home Deodorizer spray. One worked, one didn't!
First up, the Home Deodorizer Spray. It's very simple to make, add about 1/4 cup of Gain crystals to a spray bottle, fill with water and shake it up to dissolve the crystals. The smell was DIVINE! But, sadly this was pretty messy. It was too watery and left marks on floors and windows.
Next up is the Grout Cleaning Hack. Again, this was super simple. The bleach cleaner you use for cleaning the toilet has the perfect applicator for squeezing onto the grout.  My toilet cleaner was a little runny and didn’t stay right on the grout, but no biggie.  Nothing wrong with bleaching MORE of the floor, amiright?  So, follow the lines of your grout with the toilet cleaner and wait 10-15 minutes.  Not a lot of hard labor involved so far.  Now, the pin I read said that after waiting, simply wipe away the bleach and you’ll have beautiful grout. In my opinion, that was a slight understatement. I used a dampened microfiber cloth to clean the bleach cleaner off the grout lines and it was more of a mild scrubbing action than a wipe to get the grout really clean.  All in all, a very painless way to clean your grout.  
Here's a before and after photo:
I know, you can barely tell the difference, right?  My grout is actually not white, I purposely picked a beige color because I knew I would never clean grout.  However, this method did bring the grout back to it’s original clean state even if it is hard to tell in the picture.  If you have white grout, I’m confident that your results would be more drastic than mine.
I really loved trying out these two hacks. Click through to my blog post for all of the details!
Suggested materials:
  • Gain Crystals
  • Bleach Toilet Cleaner
Marybeth Santos
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