How to Freshen up Your Grout Lines (for $2 or Less)

by Sabrina
Looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to freshen up your grout lines?
I’m going to show you how to change your grout colour for $2 or less!
Our main bath is undergoing a very budget-friendly revamp. Since I’m not able to change tile at this time, I’m using a very simple yet effective method to make dated tile look like a new floor.

What’s the secret?

Acrylic paint from the dollar store.

That’s it!
I have used specialty grout paints in the past but majority of the paints you find on the market are epoxy stains with harsh fumes. With baby in the house, I definitely didn’t want to go that route.

So I had to try this acrylic paint out for myself! I wanted to change my beige grout lines to white.
This method does work best on sanded grout that has not been sealed as it has a porous surface that paint will easily absorb into. If you’re looking to cover discoloured grout, stained grout or if you just want to change the colour which is what I am doing, then this is a must-try.............
use a fine paint brush and generously apply the acrylic paint to the grout in an even manner. If the paint touches the tiles, just take paper towel to it and wipe the excess off (without touching the grout lines).
As you can see, my tiles have a pink vein going through them. The great thing about changing the grout lines to white is that the eye overlooks the pink making the overall tile colour read as white. Isn’t the difference amazing?!
For more info, please visit PLN's post by clicking the link below.
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  • Aprile Aprile on Oct 08, 2020

    Could you do this to grout in the shower?

  • Lailasultani Lailasultani on Oct 08, 2020

    I used the same paint for one line in my bathroom, overtime it turns dusty n harsh by touch it’s hard to wipe out the dirt from it , is there anything else to do after the paint to make it smooth)

  • Laurie Laurie on Oct 09, 2020

    This is wonderful! How soon does it fade away when the floor is wet? My son soaks the floor whenever he takes a shower. Is there a sealant to paint over the white acrylic paint? Thanks!

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