The Best Grout Removal Tools for Shower Tile Floors

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Who else has tried cleaning their shower grout but just can't get it back to looking brand new?

Maybe I'm giving up prematurely but I've tried several tips. Plus some of our grout is falling apart.

Thus I've taken on the uneviable project of removing all the grout in our shower tile floor.
What's the best grout removal tool for this job?
An oscillating multi tool and a rectangular grout removal tool will help you remove grout lines without losing your cool (or hair, unless you're already bald-sorry).
Here are some tips
-Apply two layers of duct tape along surfaces you don't want to scratch with the tools
-Use a grout attachment with the oscillating tool
-Measure the width of your grout lines to determine the correct multi tool attachment size
-Remove grout down to 1/2 the thickness of the adjacent tile (e.g. if your tile is 1/4 inch thick take out at least 1/8 of an inch of old grout)
-Vacuum the are grout lines frequently to make sure you're not penetrating the shower pan or substrate the tiles are attached to
You'll discover more pictures, tips, and resources by clicking on this link to my blog post
Have a great day!
The Bosch multi tool and triangular grout removal tool in this photo removed all the shower grout
Protect adjacent surfaces from scratches by applying duct tape to them.
Clean the grout attachment of the multi tool with a wire brush
Let the multi tool do all the work and minimal downward pressure.
Add two layers of duct tape will help protect your walls from the power of the multi tool
Your grout lines will look like this after the the grout is removed.
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  • Jason rosser Jason rosser on Mar 28, 2017
    Very helpful post. Thanks
    There are many types of oscillating tool.
    Would you tell me, How to choose right tool for grout removal purpose ?
    Which attachments are best to use ?

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  • MarcioWilges MarcioWilges on Apr 02, 2015
    Grout removal is my least favourite thing to do because I sometimes find the process almost impossible and really effort and time consuming. Normal cream cleansers that help to remove grease and grime do not do their products justice when it comes to grout issues. Therefore, I think it is time to invest in this tool that will get rid of grout for good.

  • Michael Michael on Apr 01, 2020

    I think this project will be time consuming but after trying most cleaning product with the grout in my shower still looking quite dirty I think it's the best option available for me right now. Thanks for all the tips and I'll make sure I'm careful with my tile with your duct tape idea.