Asked on Aug 14, 2018

How to get dog stain out of the carpet?

by Maw6251938
  4 answers
  • Ait26753104 Ait26753104 on Aug 14, 2018

    I don't know where you are located ,but here in Ontario Canada I purchase a product called Folex. From a Big Box Canadian Tire Store ( it sells everything, not just Tires. It is a Fantastic Product. I spilled a Pot of Brown Paint on a light coloured Carpet and it removed the whole thing. It also takes out Grease Stains beautifully. I hope you can locate some, I wouldn't be without it.

  • Linda Linda on Aug 14, 2018

    Try the Natures Miracle Brand. They sell it at Pet Smart and other places.

  • Peggy Nielsen Coonfer Peggy Nielsen Coonfer on Aug 16, 2018

    Both products are good Natures Miracle takes the smell away but you have to soak the stain and let it dry naturally I was doing it wrong and told my son for the price it didn’t work well. He asked me if I read the directions ..... clearly not He sells the product so he showed me The good thing is , now he does it if there is an accident since clearly I don’t do it right. Good luck.

  • Deb K Deb K on Dec 10, 2022

    Hello, hope this helps you out.