Dusting (the Frugal Way)

Denise Elkins
by Denise Elkins
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An economical way to dust ... with a surprise ending!
It is in my nature to never waste something if at all possible. When it comes to using dry swiffer products, I would feel guilty tossing 3 or 4 away each week. I have 2 constantly shedding dogs, a Maine Coon cat and 3 cockatiel. Does anyone have cockatiels? Dusty little birdies!! I love them all but it's a challenge!
So I decided to try using microfiber cloths on the swiffer handle. It took a few tries to come up with a way to make it as effective but I believe I found a solution.
I found that using a dry blue swiffer(my last one!), I could wrap the microfiber cloth around it and it would give the cloth more "bulk".
Rubber bands worked fine to hold the cloth in place and made it easy to remove the cloth, flip it over, and use the other side as well.
Afterward, just remove the microfiber cloth, leave the blue swiffer in place, toss it in the wash and you're good for the next cleaning. Easy!!
A side note....I don't put my microfiber cloths in the dryer. They seem to stay "stickier" if you allow them to air dry.

Now, here's the surprise ending....
A few weeks ago, (I was distracted and not paying attention) I removed the microfiber cloth, along with the original blue swiffer and tossed them both in my wash. Well- that blue swiffer came out of the wash as good as new! I've since washed it 4 times and that little guy hasn't fallen apart, shredded or lost the ability to collect dust😉 So, lots of $$$ saved! Love recycling💙
Suggested materials:
  • Swiffer duster, microfiber cloth, rubber bands   (Dollar tree(microfiber cloth))
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