How I Make My Home Smell Fresh and Clean for Less!

Audrey Williams
by Audrey Williams
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If you're like me, you love a fresh, clean smelling house. Well, I've come up with an affordable alternative to the expensive spray fabric fresheners! It's quick and easy to boot! All you need to buy are two items!
Start with an empty spray bottle like those found in the section of the store where the irons &ironing boards are stocked. You may also find them in the cleaning section. Just make sure it has a MIST setting on the nozzle so you don't drench your fabric. You'll also need to grab a small jug of Gain fabric softener.
Next just pour 3/4 cup of the Gain into your spray bottle then fill it up with water and mix it real good. This mixture is concentrated compared to the Febreze sprays you get at the stores, so you don't need to use as much. And the scent will last longer! I hope you enjoy saving money and enjoying the fresh scent as much as we do!
Suggested materials:
  • Gain Fabric Softener   (I got mine at Walmart, an empty spray bottle and water.)
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  • Audrey Williams Audrey Williams on Sep 21, 2016
    Essential oils do smell good. 😊 However using an inexpensive fabric softener is much more affordable for most people and it will last a long time mixing a little with so much water. But if one prefers the E O mixture, that's great! 😊 Thanks for your comment !

  • L.J. Lisa L.J. Lisa on Oct 13, 2016
    Have used this idea with downy for years and i LOVE IT! 3 to 5 tbsp Downy with 2 to 5 cups of water.