How can I remove the stain from a permanent ink marker out of fabric?

by Bur29472530
  5 answers
  • JoAnn Gala JoAnn Gala on Jul 10, 2018

    Used to use hairspray...alcohol works too...isopropyl.

  • 17335038 17335038 on Jul 11, 2018

    What is the fibre content of the fabric? Where is the fabric? Is it an item of clothing, or furniture?

  • Ginny Ginny on Jul 11, 2018
    I have successfully used washing soda (not baking soda). Washing soda is poisonous of swallowed.

    - wet fabric where stain is
    - apply washing soda
    - let stand about 15 minutes then rub it in garment
    - wash in normal fashion

    Stain(s) should be gone or definitely diminished.

  • Eli33685721 Eli33685721 on Jul 11, 2018
    Oxy-cleaner, soak it for a while. Years ago I used vinegar, it was quite some time ago. Hair spray has worked.

  • 17335038 17335038 on Jul 11, 2018

    Here is one brand of the washing soda that Gva is referring to. It is used as a laundry stain pre-treat and detergent booster.