Asked on Feb 19, 2015

How do I get sun screen stains off white clothing?

Kathie byrd
by Kathie byrd
I have tan stains around the neck of my white or light colored-summer clothing due to sunscreen lotions on my neck and chest. Does anyone know how to get these stains out? Bleach does not work for me.
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  • Debbie Miller Debbie Miller on Feb 19, 2015
    With most fabrics, you can spray the stain with Peroxide and hang in the sun for a few hours...keep spraying until stain is gone. Although this may not work on some fabrics, I have had success with cottons and light denim. It's always worth a try!

  • Kathie byrd Kathie byrd on Feb 19, 2015
    Thanks, Debbie! I'll certainly give the peroxide a try!

  • M M on Feb 19, 2015
    You might try Oxiclean White Revive. It has no chlorine. I've had good results using it.

  • Kathie byrd Kathie byrd on Feb 19, 2015
    Thank you! I'll try the Oxyclean product as well!

  • Cathy Pellum Pierson Cathy Pellum Pierson on Feb 19, 2015
    Maybe baking soda and vinegar paste? Dawn?

  • Kathie byrd Kathie byrd on Feb 19, 2015
    Thanks, Cathy, worth a try!

  • Sheila D Sheila D on Feb 20, 2015
    How about VIVID - it is a non chlorine detergent/whitener. I used it on my husbands white cotton golf shirts. They tend to turn yellow or dingy with exposure and this has worked for me. He also has switched out most of golf shirts to the "wicking" ones and I use this with my regular detergent to keep the colors bright. Let us know that works.