How to get rust stain out of materials

Virgini a
by Virgini a
Looks like a twine material blanket it’s beige I really love it.a special gift

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  • Try blotting it with white vinegar, Virginia. Cover it with salt and rub gently with your fingers. I've also had luck with lemon juice and putting the item out in the sun.

  • Cor32419347 Cor32419347 on Jun 23, 2018
    Excellent first answer. More info on UTube tutorial.

  • Mamabear318 Mamabear318 on Jun 23, 2018
    Only thing guaranteed to remove rust is oxalic acid. It is sold under the brand name Magica and is available on Amazon. If it doesnt come out with this, then it isn't rust
    Good Luxk

  • Lezlye Parker Lezlye Parker on Jun 23, 2018
    You might try leaving it in the sunshine. It seems the power of the sun is good for many things. I have had stains in stuff that I thought I would have to throw out. But, a week in the sunshine removed some really nasty stains. I don't know if it will work, but you could try.

  • Lezlye Parker Lezlye Parker on Jun 23, 2018
    I wonder if a rust remover might work. Be careful, it might be corrosive.