Asked on Dec 19, 2016

How can I finally clean these?!

Shonny McLean
by Shonny McLean
Any suggestions how to get these back to looking like new? I have put threw machine a few times but nothing is working and I don't want to do a boil wash in case I ruin them 😐
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  • William William on Dec 19, 2016
    I don't know if that is the color or if the color bled. I clean my sneakers with white toothpaste (not gel) and a damp tooth brush and cloth. I bought a pair of Starter sneakers at a garage sale for three bucks. I wear wide shoes. Used toothpaste on them when I got home and they look as good as new. I also use toothpaste on gold, silver jewelry and copper/brass items I sell on Ebay.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 19, 2016
    If all else fails try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

  • Shelly McGee Pilcher Shelly McGee Pilcher on Dec 19, 2016
    oxyclean! Find it in Walmart or any grocery store

  • Joanie Joanie on Dec 20, 2016
    I have discovered Shout as a good spot cleaner. Spray on, let set and scrub clean with a small brush of some kind. It works on carpet stains WONDERFUL......try it on your shoes. Never know???

  • ROBIN ROBIN on Dec 20, 2016

  • Marilee H Marilee H on Dec 20, 2016
    I can't tell what these are made of, but had you thought of painting or dying them instead of cleaning?

  • Rudy Rudy on Dec 20, 2016
    I am a clean freak so I think you should go to sneaker store and. I am sure you can get a wide
    pair of New sneakers. If new bothers you you can wet them and wear them to shap your foot. I wish you luck for a new pair of fun and colored sneakers. Lynne.

  • Kdblaisdell Kdblaisdell on Dec 20, 2016
    WhiteBrite is sold at most retailers and is amazing.

  • Kke7992002 Kke7992002 on Dec 20, 2016
    If I have something that I have tried everything to get a stain out and I am just going to throw them away any way, then I use floor wax remover. I have had it get out plenty of things. Make sure this is your last resort.

  • Karen Walker Karen Walker on Dec 20, 2016
    If you have ever put them in the dryer then the stains are set in. Consider using a good quality fabric dye for a new look. Use a sponge brush to apply. Follow instructions carefully. Then set the color in the dryer!

  • Rachel Rachel on Dec 21, 2016
    Did you spray a heavy-dutie stain remover before putting it through the wash? I also had good experience using toothpaste as @william suggested.

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    • Shoshana Drucker Shoshana Drucker on Dec 27, 2016
      Toothpaste is a great cleaner - have used it for cleaning silver too.

  • Shui Shui on Dec 21, 2016
    Take them to a shoemaker to get professionally buffed. Alternatively, they have shoe buffers outside train stations and in hotels.

  • Car3787789 Car3787789 on Dec 21, 2016
    Can't tell what they are made of but if they are leather there are special cleaners to use which can be purchased at shoe stores. Best to try anything on a small spot first.

  • Lgr9562247 Lgr9562247 on Dec 21, 2016
    Back in the 50s and 60s we just used white liquid shoe polish on our sneakers. Cheap, still available, and works well.

  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Dec 21, 2016
    What about shoe polish?

  • Miri Stoner---- Miri Stoner---- on Dec 21, 2016
    Maybe you can paint them?

  • Leah Deverett Leah Deverett on Dec 21, 2016
    Stain remover spray!

  • Ilan Davidovics Ilan Davidovics on Dec 21, 2016
    Detergent and a towel! It worked great for my toms.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Dec 21, 2016
    Try Whitebright!

  • Rachel Rachel on Dec 21, 2016
    Great idea Hillela!

  • Becca Becca on Dec 21, 2016
    For years my sons while at school and home it is unbelieveable what they do to they tennis shoes even with leather on them .....I get a nail brush sometimes shout spray stain remover but most important its name is just what it does at any dollar general store you will find it for a dollar a large bottle "Awesome" spray on shoe and start scrubbing with a nail brush use a damp cloth to wipe suds continue scrubbing whip and use a little at a time water to wipe off and watch what your tenny's look life after a good wash with awesome. My kids grew up and born in California and all kids there look as if they wear a new pair of tennis shoes everyday > its a style fashion thing mainly in high school try it you'll have to see for your self this liquid is exactly what its name is "Awesome" I use it on the carpets, walls, interior in my car, it is really awesome !

  • Holly Hecker-Pupo Holly Hecker-Pupo on Dec 21, 2016
    Oxyclean, and a nail brush. And scrub

  • Cla11645917 Cla11645917 on Dec 21, 2016
    My friend used to used the liquid detergent-Ivory and mix a little bleach and rub on with towel and wipe off, works great, just don't use too much bleach, try to rub a spot first to see how it works, good luck!

  • Inetia Inetia on Dec 21, 2016
    Soak in a bucket of oxyclean for a few hours, then scrub with a brush while in the bucket. Repeat till clean or soak over night in the and scrub again in the morning. If not clean by morning it's time to mix another batch of oxyclean and start all over. When you're satisfied with the result rinse them very thoroughly before drying. Boot dryers are great for drying them. I use the oxyclean powder that you mix with warm water and I've cleaned many a pair this way. 99% alcohol will clean the rubber parts.

  • Kay Clifton Kay Clifton on Dec 21, 2016
    Put em in the washer

  • Tdr10797007 Tdr10797007 on Dec 21, 2016
    I agree with Awesome this product saved our clothes and everything else after a house fire. You might also try soaking in straight peroxide. I've used this on many items, takes stains out and leaves the color. This is good on any washable item. Ive soaked my dogs sweaters for several days with no damage.

  • Teresa B Teresa B on Dec 21, 2016
    Make a paste of baking soda and peroxide. Rub on the shoes and let dry. Repeat the process if necessary.

    • JoAnn Kennedy JoAnn Kennedy on Dec 21, 2016
      I use baking soda in washer and with laundry detergent and a white vinegar rinse. Works Great!

  • Bernadette Staal Bernadette Staal on Dec 21, 2016
    I guess you could also try lemon juice but based on the discolouration I have to be honest I am not sure you will get them completely white again. There used to be (and probably still is) a white shoe paint for tennis shoes.

  • Mikkigirl Mikkigirl on Dec 22, 2016
    I use Soft Scrub with bleach and scrub them with a toothbrush. Rinse and throw in washer. Air dry.

  • Irene Irene on Dec 22, 2016
    I always did mine with Wisk laundry detergent and bleach. Brush really well, rinse and repeat as necessary - then throw in the washer to be sure you get all the bleach out (it will break down the threads otherwise). Always worked for me.

  • Gary Gary on Dec 22, 2016
    I use OxyClean liquid Laundry stain remover and it works great on my leather and mesh shoes. Spray the entire shoe and let set for 30 min. then scrub with a soft brush then run them through the wash. I spray them again with OxyClean before I put them in the wash.

  • RichandTammy Whiteside RichandTammy Whiteside on Dec 23, 2016
    I like OxyClean for this type of project but you can also use the hydrogen peroxide plus a few drops of blue Dawn dishwashing liquid trick.

  • l put mine in the washer with a cup of CASCADE. Pods don't work, you have to use the powder kind. I add a 1/2 cup of cascade to my white sheets and towels every couple months to keep them white. Works much better than bleach and doesn't break down the fabric. Works great for me on my white shoes too!

  • Cur5181835 Cur5181835 on Dec 23, 2016
    My Mother loved to putter around in the garden until she was 102 - then she had a gardener do the 'hard stuff'.! lol! She got her tennis shoes filthy - but would wash them with plenty of bleach and extra detergent - then PUT THEM IN THE SUN FOR A DAY to further bleach out the stains. This always worked wonders for her! She kept plants on her window sill until her last days, when she was 104.

  • Michelle Michelle on Dec 23, 2016

  • Cheryl LaForge Cheryl LaForge on Dec 24, 2016
    I use Palmolive automatic dish soap for all of my shoe cleaning spread it over the shoe let it stand an then rince

  • Cathy Graham Cathy Graham on Dec 24, 2016
    Zout and Shout It Out, spray w/Zout wait 15 minutes then the Shout It Out, I use gel with the scrubber in the lid, scrub it in and wait 5 minutes and then wash. Good Luck

  • Joanie Joanie on Dec 25, 2016
    I was just wondering, have you thought about dying them.........or display them, and use them as a memory, filled with a plant pot or floral flowers? Maybe just tie them together and hang them as a piece of ole' decor.......Maybe they're tired and worn.....need a break....:)))) I'm goin' to display my Daddy's cowboy boots with a lot of country........some straw with flowers??? I'm not sure yet. A great memory for me!!!

  • Debbie Debbie on Dec 25, 2016
    I get awesome for the dollar store .. and a toothbrush ... works great .. shines up like a new penny

  • Elaine Levy Elaine Levy on Dec 25, 2016
    There is also a white sneaker polish, try amazon.

  • Holly Holly on Dec 26, 2016
    Saturate the fabric with straight hydrogen peroxide. Leave on at least 15 minutes. Wash in warm water and air dry in the sun. I have used this many times. Even works on auto grease and cooking oils. Has never failed me on any stain

  • Nikki Nikki on Dec 26, 2016
    Borax is great. For really tough, stubborn stains I mix oxiclean and grandmas stain remover (buy it from Walmart). Make a paste and scrub the shoes with a toothbrush Let set about an hour. Wash in the washing machine. I add borax in the wash at this point. Good luck!

  • Liz Liz on Jan 02, 2017
    Oh, your poor shoes!! It makes me sad just looking at them, but I admire you for wanting to save them!! The best remedy is to go to Walmart, get a small bottle of acrylic white paint and a small bottle of 'fabric medium'. Directions on the bottle will tell you how to mix. This will paint any type of fabric, including canvas shoes, & they'll look like new. Good luck!!