Asked on Jan 09, 2014

Laundry Stains

Lisa Ochoa
by Lisa Ochoa
I recently bought my husband some polo shirts and he got oil stains on them. Unfortunately, I was not able to wash it right away and the stain set in. One shirt in particular a plain white one looks like we poured oil on it. The stains are really bad. I have tried bleach, hydrogen peroxide and dawn dish soap, dawn by itself, i think i even tried Awesome. Is there anything we can try without having to buy lots of products. I even bought Soilove (btw i bought mine for $1. Ebay has it for $5.45 + $5.95 s/h) I followed instructions and nothing. I even went as far as soaking the whites in hot water with dawn and hydrogen peroxide, our diy laundry soap and bleach and nothing. Also my daughter's boyfriend works at the junkyard and his clothes are full of engine oil. We tried washing them but also nothing. I'm running out of options.
laundry stains, cleaning tips, husband s shirt full of unknown oil spills
husband's shirt full of unknown oil spills
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  • My husband gets oily, greasy, etc and I found that Totally Awesome cleaner (AS SEEN ON TV not the dollar tree brand which stinks) at Dollar Tree works!!!!! It is concentrated and I have 2 bottles-diluted and concentrated. For his greasy laundry I use the concentrated and soak the clothes with it. It is strong and potent so be careful! I get out 95% of grease out of jeans when he works on the truck! Then I let sit for a few minutes and throw in with a 1/4 -1/2 cup Mule Team borax and my detergent. It is worth a shot. and especially for your daughter's boyfriend you will be shocked how well it will work on his clothes.

  • Packrat Packrat on Jan 09, 2014
    Try using an orange based cleaner. I use Orange Blast. I have found it in auto dept in Walmart and sometimes in household cleaners area. Spray on & let it soak but keep moist. Throw it in with regular load. I air dry and repeat if needed. NEVER put in the dryer until stain is gone as the heat will set the stain. If I have something with a stain, I put a large safety pin in the back of the neck to "mark it" so I don't put it in the dryer. I have done this as many as 4 times on one shirt and finally the stain came out.

  • Lisa Ochoa Lisa Ochoa on Jan 09, 2014
    thanks, will try and will update on how it went.

  • Lisa Ochoa Lisa Ochoa on Jan 09, 2014
    I think i did use that but willing to give it another shot. Thanks

  • Melissa B Melissa B on Jan 09, 2014
    If you have some Dawn dish detergent and hydrogen peroxide you have the perfect stain remover. 1 tsp of Dawn with 2 tsp of hydrogen peroxide (or make more with same proportions) and a small nail brush are your tools. Dip the brush in the mixed up solution in a little bowl and generously scrub your stains. Use this on a dry shirt. Roll the shirt up for a few hours and launder as normal. Check your stains before you put in dryer (the heat sets them). I have removed all kinds of strange stains this way, including underarm yellows, collar grays, and the multiple greasy cooking stains on my shirts. It's pretty easy, cheap and effective.

  • Alma Alma on Jan 09, 2014
    You can use the Goop orange hand degreaser. It's used to wipe off grease and grime off of auto mechanics hands so you'll find it in the automotive section. It has laundry stains instructions on the label. I've tried it and it's worked but you should test it on an inconspicuous area.

  • Cid P Cid P on Jan 09, 2014
    try this one even gets rust out~~~ equal parts of~~~clorex 2 powder and ivory dish soap. put in the washer set on cold and wash WA-LA bright white. hope it works for you

  • Cid P Cid P on Jan 09, 2014
    do let me know what you think

  • Carole Carole on Jan 10, 2014
    Have you tried pre-treating with Swarfega? It is a green gloopy stuff that you use to remove car oil. Mechanics sometimes use it to wash their hands after working on engines. Rub it in, leave a while, then wash the item of clothing.

  • Lisa Ochoa Lisa Ochoa on Jan 10, 2014
    i will be trying all these tricks this weekend. Hopefully one works...ty all for your advice

  • J J on Jan 10, 2014
    Best thing I keep in my "oily arsenal" is a product called M30. It used to be about a dollar but has gone up. Had to order it that last time. I have yet to find an oil spot it can't get out, even after being in the dryer! Great stuff.

  • Connie Hesher Connie Hesher on Jan 10, 2014
    Good luck with the grease spots. I have the same issue so I'll be trying some of these. But I do toss in a cup or so of Amonia when I was my hubbys greasy coveralls. And 1/2 cup of Super Clean (automotive section at Walmart). Gets that heavy grease feeling out of them.

  • Wanda Ll Wanda Ll on Jan 11, 2014
    Try Murphys Oil Soap on the stains. Also can soap the white ones in a mixture of dry dishwashing 1 cup to 1 cup liquid and bleach. Let sit for about 4 hours or overnight. You also can try some products they use for baby clothes. I use to get it at Baby's R Us. It even got out spagettie stains and nay other fruit or tomatoe base stuff.

  • Rene Byrd Rene Byrd on Jan 11, 2014
    Try soaking it in water with Polident.

  • WENDY WENDY on Jan 11, 2014
    dawn dish soap. with my husband being a tire tech and farm mechanic I swear by this..put it right on the stain let it set and hour wash dry and go...if it fails I'd be stunned. W

  • Joy Derouen Joy Derouen on Jan 11, 2014
    There is a product call Oil Eater. I think you can buy at Sams. If you can find it that should work. Good Luck

  • April E April E on Jan 12, 2014
    I go old scool and it always works I use naptha soap it is available at wall mart you just wet the stained area rub on the soap (no such thing as too much) let it set for a hour or so then run through a regular washing but in warm water (yes use laundry detergent, have had 3 people ask me that before lol) have gotten out old oil stains and worse this way

  • Melisa Pauley Melisa Pauley on Jan 12, 2014
    I use a mixture of dawn and baking soda to remove oil.....mix it to the consistency of toothpaste and let sit overnight and it will dry and pull the oil out...........then just wash

  • Irish53 Irish53 on Jan 13, 2014
    You use protein to remove protein. I have used lestoil straight from the bottle to remove grease from the rolling gates on store fronts. I then used tide to wash my clothes Which ever method use choose don't rush the process. Wash in cold water not to set the stains.

  • Bonnie Brenkert Bonnie Brenkert on Jan 13, 2014
    BIZ will get just about any stain! I use 1/4 cup powdered or liquid Biz plus hot water in a large-sized bowl for my husband's XL shirts. Dissolve the Biz well in the water, and submerse just the stains into the liquid. Leave for several hours, then check the stains. It may take two days, but it DOES get out grease, grass stains, tomato-based stains, chocolate, etc. :) I've even soaked them for a day, then rinsed both bowl and stained item, then used cleaner water and Biz again. It WILL come out.

  • Kelly S Kelly S on Jan 13, 2014
    I use Dawn dishwashing soap and waterless hand cleaner together. I scrub one into the stain and then scrub the other using a finger nail brush. Let it sit for half and hour and wash. Normally that gets it all. I have had to re-treat and wash a couple of stubborn oil stains but not many and I work in an industrial area where there are a multitude of chemicals that stain clothes including graphite based lubricants.