Asked on Feb 24, 2015

What is fail-proof way to get set-in stains out of polyester fabric?

by Dale
There are 2 very light-colored set-in stains (grease?) in light-orchid-colored pants I'm hoping to remover successfully. Thanks!
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  • Lori Lori on Feb 24, 2015
    I have had great success with Oxy clean. Try making a paste and grinding it in with your finger before washing. Sometimes I will soak for a couple of days even, but that isn't a good idea for your coloured pants. It works great on whites so remember that and you could try it on the inside seam to see if it hurts the colour first. I have soaked many colours for days with great results but I figured they were ruined any way so it was worth a try. Good luck.

  • Jeanne Jeanne on Feb 24, 2015
    t Try Goop hand great on grease. Rub in & let set 20 min. Wash in hottest water possible

  • Dale Dale on Feb 24, 2015
    @ Lori: I did the Oxyclean twice allowing to set for 24 hours each time. No result. But thanks for answering.

  • Dale Dale on Feb 24, 2015
    @ jeanne: I'll give Goop a try (nothing to lose)! Thank you!

  • Teri Mauerman Shehorn Teri Mauerman Shehorn on Feb 25, 2015
    Goo Gone works great. Target will often have a small bottle for a $1 in their dollar spot, but they sell it in the cleaning section of most grocery stores. I apply only enough to cover the greasy area. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes then use a dab of detergent to wash the spot and rinse with warm water. Let it air dry or if you can still see the spot repeat. If the pants have been dried in the dryer the heat tends to set the spot harder. If you have to repeat, keep the spot moist with Goo Gone for 20-30 minutes, letting it dry will push some of the oil to the outside edge and leave a ring that will have to be removed. So its best to set a timer and reapply if needed. Goo Gone has a list of things it iwll remove, I've gotten off stickers that my kids left on their shirts from Doctors office visits and the happy face stickers from grocery store check out, Once dried they were covered with lint and I thought it was a hopeless cause. But a cotton ball soaked in Goo Gone and the sticker mark was gone. Good luck

  • Eyesdebo Eyesdebo on Feb 25, 2015
    I use this for set in stains: 1 tsp. dawn ... @ 2 Tbs baking soda.....3-4 Tbs hydrogen peroxide..... mix well. I store mine in a squirt bottle . Shake really good before using.. let set on clothes about 30 minutes before washing... I use an old toothbrush ....And cost nearly nothing!

  • Dale Dale on Feb 25, 2015
    Thanks all!

  • Kristi Kristi on Feb 25, 2015
    Have you ever tried Bonami? They are little yellow bottles of stain remover. About five different types for many kinds of stains. Located in the laundry section.

  • Dale Dale on Mar 10, 2015
    I used the Dawn/baking soda/H202 with a toothbrush (because I had all these on hand), & it worked perfectly! Thanks again Eyesdebo!