Removing Five Tough Summer Stains

Alicia W
by Alicia W
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Summer is here and that means playing outdoors and eating all of those great summer foods but that also means stains.
Here are five of the toughest stains and how to remove them without harsh chemicals.
The five summer stains I chose were: mud, strawberry, chocolate, grass and oil based stain such as salad dressing or suntan oil.
As soon as possible, apply baking soda to the stain. This will absorb the oil.
Allow to sit on the stain for 10 minutes.
Using a toothbrush, brush the excess baking soda off of the stain.
Apply blue Dawn t the stain and scrub with a toothbrush.
Wash as you normally would.
Apply blue Dawn to the stain and scrub, scrub, scrub.

Wash as you normally would.
Fill a bowl with boiling water.
Lay the stain above the steaming water and allow stain to steam 15 minutes.
Dunk the stain into the boiling water (which by now should be warm) and rub the stain.
If the stain remains, apply clear laundry detergent to the stain and scrub.

Launder as you normally would.
Pour milk onto the stain and allow to soak for 10 minutes. (Any milk will work).

Launder as you normally would.
Add one part blue Dawn to two parts hydrogen peroxide into a bowl and mix well.
Apply to the stain and scrub, scrub, scrub.

Launder as you normally would.
Stains are gone without harsh chemicals!!
Suggested materials:
  • Blue Dawn   (Grocery Store)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide   (Grocery Store)
  • Baking Soda   (Grocery Store)
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  • William William on Jun 21, 2017
    No text with the photos. Dawn is a great degreaser. I use it on my shirt collars. I also use hydrogen peroxide to wash my whites. Bleach tends to yellow whites over time and can harm the fabric. Good tips.

    • Kara S. Kara S. on Jun 29, 2017
      Must have been a glitch, the text is back (: