Finding Valuables: Sifting Through What's Left

by Jewellmartin
2 Materials
10 Minutes
If your property has been flooded, but you really want to find some of your valuables, how can you go through all the mud and trash to find your treasures? Even if you don't have many resources, you can make a sifter that will help you do the job.
All you need is an empty gallon milk or water jug, and a pocket knife, box cutter, scissors or other sharp knife. Lay the jug on its side, handle toward you, so that you can hold the jug while you cut. On the two sides opposite the handle, poke a few holes or slits. I cut nine slits. Cut the bottom off the jug. (I cut the bottom off first, and it was hard to cut the slits.) Keep the cap on if you have it so water does not come out toward you while you are scooping. I lost my cap.
If you have protective gloves, wear them. Broken glass and sharp objects may be part of the mix. Use the jug as a scoop. The holes let water drain out. Reach into the jug, and press down on the material, pressing more water out. Pour some of the contents into the bottom you cut off, and go through it for anything you want to save. Then you can go through the material, one scoop at a time. I put a few things in just to show what you might be looking for. I really hope this helps somebody.
A jug and a cutter--all you need.
Cut slits, and cut off bottom.
Use as a scoop and sifter.
Maybe heirlooms . . .
Maybe normalcy.
Suggested materials:
  • An empty jug and something to cut with--all you need to make this.   (If you have to buy a cutter, any open store should have something you can use for $1.)
  • That's it!
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  • 1984roro 1984roro on Sep 15, 2017
    great info....very clever!

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Sep 15, 2017
    Thanks, friends. I hope eventually the people who need our tips get them. We have two households of friends in Key West, and bunches in other parts of the south, who were not flooded out, but everything from the mailbox on the road to the barbed wire fences (!) behind the houses have been affected one way or another. Keep the hints circulating! 😇