How to remove mineral deposit build up off marble.

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  • Cfa29749016 Cfa29749016 on Jun 27, 2018
    I had some on the kitchen sink when the faucet was replaced with a smaller one. Straight 5% vinegar wasn't doing it. So, I added a sprinkling of lemonade KoolAid mix that uses citric acid for taste. I then made a pad of paper towel soaked with vinegar to put over the mix and covered it with plastic wrap to keep everything moist. It took a few days of soaking to soften. I then used some scrap oak wood to remove the deposits so the metal would not be scratched. It worked.

  • William William on Jun 27, 2018
    Marble is basically compressed limestone. Any acidic cleaners will etch, dull and stain the surface, including vinegar, citrus cleaners, and lime/calcium cleaners.

    If you are trying to remove an old stain, create a dense paste of more baking soda and less water. Then place the paste over the stain, allowing it to function for a few minutes. After that wipe off the baking soda paste. If it is needed you can repeat the procedure until the stain vanishes.

    If the stain is persistent and is still there you can try removing it with ammonia solution. Make the area of the stain damp with 10% ammonia, diluted in water. Ammonia is knows as a base solution, so it is suitable for removing stains from marble.

    The final stage of the stain removal us rinsing. Rinse the solution from your marble well to eliminate any residue, left from the cleaning ingredients on it.

    I advise to use gloves when removing the stain with ammonia. They will protect your hands. Ventilate the room, in which you use ammonia for removing stains, because it is toxic.