Wipe dust off electronics with a dryer sheet

A quick run over will get rid of those dust mites in no time. Get tutorial here

Or use this homemade dusting spray

Your coffee table will shine within seconds with this great spray. Get tutorial here

Put away remotes and electronics

Get rid of clutter with a designated spot to store all those remotes, like this toolbox station. Get tutorial here

Sprinkle some homemade carpet freshener

If you make this beforehand, a quick sprinkle before bed will make the whole room smell fresh. Get tutorial here

Put away toys in baskets or ottomans

These still look grown-up and provide a great place for legos and toys lying around. Get tutorial here

Use a lint roller to pick up hair and dust

A quick roll of this on your couch will save you time from vacuuming everything in the long run. Get tutorial here

Have homemade wet swiffer wipes ready to go

These are great when you need a quick mop, and the homemade wipes will save you tons of mula. Get tutorial here

Dab on a carpet stain remover

Don’t let that wine or chocolate stain sit overnight, Tide detergent does wonders in a jiffy. Get tutorial here

Keep throw blankets in corners

A blanket masks any dents or couch tears, and this one is so simple to make. Get tutorial here

Put magazines and books in their place

A magazine rack comes in handy when you need a place to put all of that reading material. Get tutorial here

Get rid of dust with a repellent spray

Smells like lavender, peppermint, and rosemary repel dust mites, but they attract you. Get tutorial here

Wash your old cushion covers

Stick them in the washing machine overnight, so you’ll have clean cushions in the morning. Get tutorial here