Wood Floor Mark Remover

Rebecca Peterson
by Rebecca Peterson
2 Materials
15 Minutes
I was making a Birthday sign for my son. Mistake #1. Do not use a Sharpie Marker. Seriously? Who does that? Me.😂 Mistake #2. I made the sign on my wood floors that were redone 2 years ago. Noooo!! Result? Several and I mean Several different color polka dots on my floor.😱 What is a girl to do? Research, right? Right. Sadly, I couldn't find anything with wood floors and permanent marker. Ask questions? I did. No one seemed to have answers. Oh my!! What now. Oh yeah! I know. The one item that just about removes anything you put it to task on. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!! That's right. Magic Erasers. I was very nervous because it was a wood floor. I had never used a Magic Eraser on wood before.I thought I ruined the floor once let not make it worse. It actually took me several weeks before I got the nerve to try it out. Check out my results below.👇🏻
Before photo
After lots of elbow grease and hard work!
After!! Not a single Sharpie Marker polka dot in sight. AMAZING!! I couldn't be more pleased. I had to share this with all of you, I hope you use my tip! Enjoy :)
Suggested materials:
  • Magic Erasers   (Target)
  • Good ol' Fashioned Elbow Grease   (Already had)
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