How can I remove this from my table.

by Maria
I don't know what happen, I was away & of course nobody knows who did it or what happen. I know it's from a table cloth.
q how can i remove this from my table
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  • Rowgop (Pam) Rowgop (Pam) on Jan 05, 2018
    water spilled and tablecloth stuck, maybe. have to sand asnd redo

  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Jan 05, 2018
    Looks like someone laid a hot pan over a damp place on the table cloth so it adhered to the top finish of the table. I would try goo gone first before sandig.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 05, 2018
    Try using a soft cloth and a warm iron

  • Amanda Amanda on Jan 05, 2018
    Hi Maria. Does it feel a little raised from the surface of the table? It looks like maybe a wet box like a soda box was put down. If it feels a little raised I would try using a razor blade to scrap it off. Make sure you are very careful so it doesn't dig into the table and only goes over the surface. I have had this done and was successful.

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    • Ali31882839 Ali31882839 on Jan 10, 2018
      I'd have all my fingertips cut off using a razor blade. lol However, they do have those two sided blades in a handle. They are easy to get in and out. I think Lowe's has them for about a buck.

  • Maria Maria on Jan 05, 2018
    Thank you all so much!!!

  • Sam3656115 Sam3656115 on Jan 06, 2018
    If the table surface is a laminate, trying to sand and re-stain will be a waste of time. You would need to refinish the entire surface. I would try goo b gone 1st. If that doesn’t work, try rubbing in some type of cooking oil, let is soak in. It may soften it enough to remove it without damage to the surface.

  • Carol Bieber Carol Bieber on Jan 06, 2018
    Try cooking oil let it set see what happens.

  • Coconut oil! Smear a good amount on there and let it sit awhile. Scrape with a credit card or plastic spatula (something that wouldn't scratch the finish)

  • Is it oak or laminate? Either way, I would not scrape it as may do more harm to the finish. I would wipe it with diluted Murphy’s Oil Soap first, then wet with the soap again & let it stand on it for 5 minutes at a time. Sometimes that method must be repeated several times, but it usually works for me on my cocktail table (which is oak & looks similar to the finish on your table). After you remove those tablecloth fibers, treating it with an oil, maybe coconut as someone stated, or another type you like to use would also be helpful.
    Good luck :-)

  • Mar31895609 Mar31895609 on Jan 08, 2018
    That to me looks like someon laid something hot on it. Try using hair dryer on low setting. Try plastic scraper and see if it loosens up. Sanding it will cause you extra work. There's sawdust everywhere. On the other hand you could try paint remover. Put it on wait a few and then scrape off. It all depends how much you love the table and how Much you want to spend. Also how much time you can devote to it. Good luck glad it's not my table cause I would be killing the person who did it.