Homemade Gutter Cleaner

D Stepp
by D Stepp
10 Minutes
We have a big beautiful Silver Maple tree in our front yard which every homeowner knows means lovely shade and gutter blockage. Naturally, the seasonal loss of leaves results in many dropping or blowing into the gutter. If not attended to regularly, gutter blockage can cause a plethora of pricy problems for any homeowner! For example, rotting of the wood fascia around your home, termites attracted by the wet wood, leaky roof and ruined landscaping to name a few! The sloping nature of our lot creates several issues when it comes to gutter maintenance. We decided to make a gutter cleaner that would not break the bank, but eliminate having to haul out a ladder every time we needed to clean them, especially when the block happened while it was raining. During leaf fall, we screw a 3" hole saw cutter onto the end of the drop-down end to allow a better grab of more matter.
My homemade gutter cleaner is a 1x2x10 piece of lumber with a V-type end and a cross-brace.
Assembly is self-explanatory by viewing the photo, I think.
D Stepp
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  • Mary C Mary C on Jul 28, 2013
    You MAY WANT to patent this idea!!!!!

  • Kia292388 Kia292388 on Feb 06, 2014
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