3 MORE Reasons to Avoid Bleach and What to Use Instead!

Andrea Fabry
by Andrea Fabry
We already know that bleach is poisonous when ingested, but did you know chlorine bleach is now being linked to childhood infections?
This most recent study concludes: "Passive exposure to cleaning bleach in the home may have adverse effects on school-age children’s health by increasing the risk of respiratory and other infections."
Does bleach kill mold? Surprisingly not. Chlorine bleach’s ion structure prevents the chlorine from penetrating porous materials such as dry wall and wood. Mold’s enzyme roots grow inside the porous materials, rendering the bleach ineffective.
Hydrogen peroxide is a much safer alternative to chlorine bleach both for disinfection and stain removal.
Andrea Fabry
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  • ....The Hydrogen Peroxide that is for use as a disinfectant is NOT the same as the 3% solution. It is CONCENTRATED, and actually has a " kill time' of effectiveness, where as anything else in the hydrogen peroxide realm will not have a ' kill time', as well as homemade solutions used for purposes of disinfecting. OXYGENATED bleach WILL kill mold, ..( bought in powder form and mixed with water) it is similar to hydrogen peroxide, in that it is ' environmentally friendly' . I suppose I am a dinosaur , I still use bleach , because there are things ( bacteria and germs ) that ONLY bleach will be effective. Parvovirus is one, having worked around animals and at a Veterinarian Practice, it requires bleach..as does Staph and MSRA. I understand that people are seeking ' alternatives' for some cleaning solutions...but should be aware that the alternatives are not as effective as the ' basics'. Also....what some people dont know about bleach....it starts out as salt water....and degrades into salt water. Interesting, yes ? :)

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    • @Shari ...thank you for your reply. :) That is interesting , yes., about your daughter :) The concentrated peroxide I mentioned is better than the other one for cleaning purposes...but it will not do the disinfecting as people think. The OXYGENATED one does remove mold and actually will permeate wall board, etc...because its makeup is different. I am glad to read I am not the only " dinosaur "...lol. Yes, I wont give up my bleach either.

  • Gail Daigh Gail Daigh on Jul 29, 2015
    I use white distilled vinegar to kill molds/mildew. Works great.