How to Remove That Nasty Hard Water Buildup - Pssst, It's Magic!

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5 Minutes

Do you have glasses or other dishes that are covered with hard water buildup and general water spots? Yuck! I found a cleaning hack that had never occurred to me until recently that was fast and easy!

Let me introduce the magic eraser!

I don't know about you, but it had NEVER occurred to me to use this to clean my glasses, dishes and kitchenware.

If you aren't familiar, the magic eraser is a cleaning sponge that is often used to clean shower doors, bathroom sinks, and tiles.

I've often used a magic eraser to take scuff marks off of walls with amazing results. This comes in pretty handy with active kids in the house!

BUT, I had never tried it on my glasses...


  1. Wet glass and magic eraser.
  2. Scrub glass with the magic eraser (you will see the icky film being removed!).
  3. Wash with dish soap and water and rinse well.

Seriously, this step-by-step is as simple as they come!

Let me rewind just a little.

As I was reorganizing my kitchen cabinets one day, I had gathered up several old glasses that I thought were likely going to end up in the trash.

[ By the way, I'm going through a massive home organization project right now. If you need to get rid of clutter in your home, join my organization and decluttering challenge!]

They were the glasses I made sure NONE of my guests ever used because they looked so dirty, even though I knew they were clean.

I'd cleaned out my dishwasher several times with vinegar, tried rinse aids, and even hand washed the glasses. But, it seemed water spots were just inevitable for our household.

I decided to try one last time to clean these glasses. When looking through my cleaning supplies, I came across a magic eraser.

Using the above steps, I saved their lives and ME money that I would have needed to spend buying new glasses.

Seriously, it only took me just a couple of minutes to clean several glasses.

This is possibly the easiest "DIY" / tutorial ever, but it made a big difference with our glasses and dishes.

Go grab a magic eraser and save some of your glasses!

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Suggested materials:
  • Magic Eraser   (Any store selling cleaning supplies)
  • Glasses covered in waterspots   (Your own home!)
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