6 Cleaning Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Bethany Thomson
by Bethany Thomson
See some useful tips how to sparkly clean you house without sacrificing your whole weekend
Every woman is proud of herself for knowing how to manage a clean and neat household. Unfortunately, there are far too many things most women neglect. This doesn't mean their homes are not clean, but with the cost of time and effort. I'll try to explain the most common mistakes women make while they're cleaning the house and how to avoid them. I hope you don't accept my article as criticism because it is not. Think of it as a guidance.

Clean as often as you can

I'm curtain you don't mop the floor, remove dust or vacuum the carpets and rugs every day. In fact, it is proven that textile flooring has to be cleaned daily, but not any of us actually have the time and strength to clean after a hard day at work. You can succeed in this if you get all the family members involved in the cleaning chores and make a schedule, so everyone knows their job.

The right cleaning products

The next time you're in the market, make sure you carefully read the labels on the back of the cleaning solution. There has to be information of the ingredients and to what surface you should use it. Using a detergent that is meant for the bathroom on wooden furniture may be fatal for the polish. The same applies for any other cleaning solutions. The labels are not put there just for decoration. Read them carefully and before you apply them to the surface make a spot test.
Go green

This can be dangerous to your health and for the environment because most commercial cleaning products include toxic and potentially dangerous chemicals. Therefore, I recommend you choose eco-friendly ones or make your own. There is a way to understand if a detergent is green or not. Look at the back where the ingredients are listed and if you see trade secret, just leave it on the stand. This is the way companies conceal the dangerous chemicals.

Protect yourself

No matter what cleaning solution you choose, it is important to wear protective gloves and mask. You should also open all the windows in the room you're cleaning to ensure fresh air will circulate all the time. Although you use green detergents, they can still harm your skin. In most cases it will become dry, which is unpleasant. If you make your own cleaning solutions, it is safer, but you shouldn't neglect the value of protective gloves.

Less is better

When it comes to the amount of cleaning solution this is the answer in most cases. Use little of the detergent because it is concentrated and meant to fight tough stains. You have to admit that you use more because you want to finish faster with the cleaning chore, but believe me this will only complicate your life more. Or you have forgotten that the solution has to be rinsed later? So, next time you encounter a stain, try to be more gentle and you'll see the results.

Don't scrub

Talking about stains I really don't understand why some housewives still scrub the stains on the carpets and rugs. Can't they understand that when force is applied, the only result is the stain is forced further into the fibres of the fabric making it either permanent or extremely hard to remove. If you find any difficulties, contact a carpet cleaning company and the experts will perform the job for you.
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