12 Creative Ways to Use Your Downy Dryer Sheets

by BrightNest
Dryer sheets are like the Justin Timberlake of the laundry room. They’ve got talent to spare.
Downy dryer sheets cost about $3 for a pack of 100 and do a lot more than keep your towel’s soft. They can de-stink anything, remove static from screens and even scare bees away. Basically, they’re awesome.
Get your Downy dryer sheets out of the laundry room, and try these 12 tricks:
1.) Clean Burnt Pots and Pans

After dinner, you’re full, you’re tired and probably don’t feel like scrubbing that nasty pan. Instead, fill the pan with warm water, drop in a Downy dryer sheet and let it soak overnight. The dryer sheet will loosen any burnt-on food particles, so they’ll be easier to wash away.

2.) Freshen Your Garbage Can

Next time you change your garbage bag, drop a Downy dryer sheet or two in the bottom of the garbage can. This will keep your can smelling fresh and mask any trash odor.

3.) Loosen Pet Hair From Furniture

You love your pet, but their hair can be an endless source of frustration. To remove loose hair from upholstered furniture, rub your couch or chair with a Downy dryer. Then, easily vacuum away the hair piles.

4.) Dust Computer Screens

Dirt is drawn to your computer and television screens because of static electricity. To stop the cling, grab a Downy dryer sheet. They’ll wipe away dust and reduce the static electricity on screens (just like they reduce static electricity on your shirts.)

5.) Deter Deer From Your Yard

Deer hate the smell of dryer sheets. To keep them out of your lawn, tie a couple in bushes around your yard. Tip: The smell doesn’t have to be super strong, so the dryer sheets can be used.

6.) Remove Soap Scum

Soap scum happens. To get rid of the gunk, dampen a dryer sheet with warm water and wipe down your shower. Tip: The job goes quicker if you scrub top to bottom.

7.) Make an Easy Air-Freshener

Every time you change your air filter, tuck a couple of dryer sheets in with the new filter to make your home smell fresh.

8.) Repel Bees Outside

Let Downy dryer sheets save you the trouble of having to tell bees to buzz off. Like deer, bees hate the smell of dryer sheets, so cram some into your pockets before your next barbeque.

9.) Keep Shoes Smelling Fresh

Crumple up some dryer sheets and shove them into all the closed-toe shoes in the back of your closet. Next time you break out a rarely-used pair, you won’t have to worry about any lingering odors.

10.) Start a Fire

Create a simple firestarter by stuffing dryer sheets into a toilet paper roll, and then filling each end of the roll with balled-up newspaper. You’ll be roasting marshmallows in no time!

11.) Clean Scissor Blades

To clean your scissors without dulling the blades, rub them down with a dryer sheet. The sheet will remove any built-up stickiness, dust and dirt.

12.) Freshen a Gym Bag

Rub the sides and bottom of the bag with a sheet to neutralize any bad odors. Tip: This trick works for diaper bags, too.

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