Four Grown-Up Reasons to Buy Baby Wipes

by BrightNest
We’ve picked favorites when it comes to baby wipes, and our heart belongs to Seventh Generation’s Natural Baby Wipes. Not only do they smell great, they come in handy all over the house! Here are four reasons to pick up a pack:
Stain-Free Carpet. A spilled glass of wine or dropped piece of pizza doesn’t have to mean a long-lasting stain! If a spill occurs, blot the area immediately with a baby wipe. The wipe will absorb the excess liquid so you can get serious on the stain.
Clean Fan Blades. When fan blades are spinning, they’re grabbing every loose piece of dirt and dust in the air. Enter: Baby wipes. Hold a moist wipe in your hand and run it along the top of the ceiling fan. Sayonara, dust! Bonus: The wipes will leave a clean scent on the fan, and when it spins, the scent will circulate throughout the room.
Dust-Free Blinds. Dust-covered blinds are a pain to dust because they’re so thin and close together. To make cleaning easier, grab a baby wipe. With a wet wipe in hand, rub your hand along the length of the blind. Then, repeat until all of the blinds are dust-free.
Shiny Appliances. If your stainless steel or chrome appliances have lost their fresh-from-the-box luster, give them a new lease on life with a baby wipe. Rub them down vigorously with a moist baby wipe and they’ll be polished and look as good as new!
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