How To Make Your Own Antibacterial Kids Hand Sanitizer Spray!

Meghan Nowlin
by Meghan Nowlin
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Today I'm going to share with you one of my best-selling recipes! It's an amazing all natural hand sanitizer Spray that contains essential oils! And not only can you use it on hands but you can use it to disinfect surfaces as well!

First, we need to realize that store bought hand sanitizers destroy the protective barrier on our skin, that they contain parabens, and that they kill the good bacteria on our skin. Pretty scary, huh?!

Next, lets gather our ingredients! You will need: Lavender Essential Oil, Red Mandarin Essential Oil and Plant Enzymes.

Lavender has historically been shown to create an environment that bacteria cannot thrive in.

Red Mandarin is excellent for children! According to Natures Sunshine, Red mandarin oil’s antiseptic properties help heal and protect from infections.

The Plant Enzymes that I use are derived from vegetables and fruits. They are hypoallergenic. Plant Enzymes also destroy protein structures, which allows them to assist in breaking down bacteria.

Combine all ingredients in a glass or PET spray bottle. A glass bottle is always best to use. But when making products that kids will be using, I tend to shy away from glass to avoid broken bottles. When I do use plastic I use a PET plastic bottle. These are the safest plastic bottles to use as they are not known to leach any chemicals

And there you have it! The makings of an awesome hand sanitizer! Visit my blog The Organic Goat Lady to learn more and to find out where to get the ingredients to make this kid friendly, yummy smelling, antibacterial hand sanitizer! Also watch my video that shows you step by step how to make this hand sanitizer for your kids!
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  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Red Mandarin Essential Oil
  • Plant Enzymes
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