Learn How to Clean a Reusable Wall Stencil

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Video Tutorial for How to Clean Your Cutting Edge Stencil Reusable Wall Stencil
If you just finished your stenciling project and now you're staring at a paint coated stencil and a dirty stencil brush, this post is for you! Ugh, don't let these items rain on your stencil parade. And don't go tossing them either, you sneaky devils! After all, once you've done one stencil project the odds are that you'll be attempting another one in the near future so you're going to need that reusable wall or craft stencil. Don't moan and groan, cleaning a reusable stencil is quite easy.
Here is the blog post with all of the details http://blog.cuttingedgestencils.com/learn-how-to-clean-a-reusable-wall-stencil.html.
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