Our Fantastic Guide to Cleaning and Losing Weight

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Did you know that beside the many physiological and psychological benefits and positive effectsof cleaning, it can also help you lose weight. Yes, it is true! Why do you think our staff always looks so good?! No, seriously! There are so many mundane and cleaning and gardening chores we deal with on a daily basis, but often, little do we know about the amount of calories each of those burn. Here is a full list of ideas on how to incorporate cleaning and working out.
Let's begin with some general tips that will make your cleaning/work-out session more enjoyable and productive.
- Open the windows - especially if the weather allows it. Clean air is essential when you clean and is doubly more important if you are using cleaning detergents. You don't want to be exercising and inhaling toxic fumes.
- Dress comfortably - yoga pants and comfortable shoes are important. Go for fabrics that allow your skin to breathe.
- Play energetic music - Music is important as it might give you the push you need to get on your feet and exercise and clean. An interesting fact is that music will increase your heart rate and your blood will start circulating faster. You will feel the rush and energy flowing through your body!
- If you have a larger house with more than one floors, clean one room on the first floor, and another one on the second floor - this means more moving up and down, thus more calories burned.
- When you take the laundry out of the laundry room, or washing machine take smaller piles, so you need to go back and forth a few times.
- When you wash windows or vacuum clean do it in equal intervals and try stretching your arms more - it will feel a lot more like working out.
- Put some weights around your arms and ankles!
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If you don't like to work out, at least you know, you don't have to, but if even if you hate cleaning, there's no getting out of it - so why not make the most?
Sweeping the floors and mopping for one hour burns 240 calories.
Washing the dishes by hand for one hour burns 160 calories (it also saves energy..just sayin'). Loading the dishwasher burns 105.
One hour of doing laundry (folding or hanging clothes, putting clothes in washer or dryer) burns 68 calories.
Half an hour of scrubbing the bathtub burns 250 calories.
One hour of painting burns 290 calories.
One hour of gardening burns 250 calories.
One hour of lawn mowing burns 350 calories. Unless you have kangaroos, then always use them! This is how we do it in Australia ;-)
Half an hour of ironing burns 70 calories.
Half an hour of dusting burns 50 calories.
Washing the car for one hour burns 300 calories!
Making the bed burns 64 calories.
Half an hour of climbing the stairs burns ~285 calories.
And don't forget to clean underneath the furniture! Moving larger objects requires more effort and burns even more calories ~200.
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