Best way to remove toilet bowl stains.

Pat Miller
by Pat Miller
We have well water and chemicals are abundant.

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 09, 2017
    Hard water stains use a pumice stone,white vinegar followed by baking soda

  • Ann Ann on Dec 09, 2017
    you can try ZUD.

  • William William on Dec 09, 2017
    Try this. With hard water may need to sit a little longer. I squeeze a few squirts of Dawn dish liquid in the toilet. Then pour about 1/3 bottle of vinegar. You can use more. Use a a toilet brush and swish around to foam it up. Let it sit for about an hour or two. Then I swish around with the toilet brush again lightly scrubbing. Flush. The suds suspend the vinegar above the water line dissolving the toilet ring. Repeat if necessary.

  • SandyG SandyG on Dec 09, 2017
    Once the hard water builds up, it is so hard to get off. You can get a pumice stone to use on the toilet. Use as directed and it might help.

  • Kay Lilland Kay Lilland on Dec 09, 2017
    Use a pumice stick; soak tip in oil 10 minutes; rub gently on the stains

  • Sandy Sandy on Dec 09, 2017
    Vinegar will loosen it up for you but it is a time consuming way to go. Hope you have another bathroom :-) I mix it half and half in the bowl and let it sit. I soak a rag in vinegar and lay it around my faucets to get the hard water buildup that shows up there as well. But I love my well!!!! It is worth it not to get a water bill every month.