Can you get burned on grease off of Teflon?

Don Meek
by Don Meek
I have a set of Teflon coated pans that I have grown to like very much. But over time they have collected grease that has gotten burned into the surface. Seeing as I can't take Comet to them is there a safe way to remove it so they can look and cook better?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 09, 2017
    Try Bar keepers friend

  • Bijous Bijous on Dec 09, 2017
    Boil water in them and while they are still warm, not scolding hot, use baking soda and scrub. Then going forward, don't use spray on grease. The best is olive oil -- for you and your Teflon!

  • A little water and baking soda...boil the water and then add the baking soda. Use a wooden spoon/spatula to remove the burned-on grease.

  • Sharon Sharon on Dec 09, 2017
    Once old teflon pans are no longer stick free its time to replace them. They have now banned this substance and its been replaced by the ceramic coated ones like the Red Copper. Have to say this is the best frying pan I've ever used in 60 years, only $17. I actually gifted all my disabled clients one of these pans and they all love them too. Just be sure to season it per directions, and don't use extreme heat while sauteing/frying.
    By the way one of the toxic side effects of teflon coating is flu-like symptoms.

  • Betty Betty on Dec 09, 2017
    I agree with the toxic in the skillet .mine had a couple cuts in it .was frying meat and there was a awful smell .it was the skillet .threw away skillet and meat .

  • Jenne Gagnon Jenne Gagnon on Dec 09, 2017
    Boil it off, water in pan, turn on heat

  • Tina worley Tina worley on Dec 10, 2017
    Did you mean the outside of pan?