How do I treat/clean wood paneling to get it ready for paint?

by Pat14637614
paneling is 25 yrs old, no smoke, golden oak with smooth finishh

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  • Rob32328534 Rob32328534 on Jun 21, 2018
    My parents painted theirs- cleaned the paneling with Dawn, then after dry, sanded lightly all over, wiped the dust, painted a primer coat( important) and then painted. Looked great! Hope this helps.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jun 21, 2018
    TSP cleans just about everything.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jun 21, 2018
    We had a whole house we bought in wood paneling. First we calked all the cracks, then we used aroma free primer paint. Then we painted it the color we wanted in each room. It really was not hard to do at all.

  • Annie Annie on Jun 21, 2018
    TSP is great for this. Will also degloss any shine. Read instructions carefully!

  • Karena Karena on Jun 21, 2018
    I would start with TSP, however, instead of sanding, any paint or hardware store will have a liquid deglosser. You simply wipe it on and let it dry. It’s much easier, quicker, and cleaner than sanding; no dust to clean up.

  • Judy Boone Judy Boone on Jun 21, 2018
    Being in the wood business the best way to clean and prep your panel is to use denatured alcohol found at any home improvement store. Try to stay away from any cleaning that includes water. Water and wood do not mix. Good luck