Asked on Oct 09, 2014

How to clean linoleum floors

Karen Mclarty
by Karen Mclarty
What products to use cleaning no wax floors
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  • Shari Shari on Oct 10, 2014
    Many of the commercial soaps and detergents will leave a film or haze so, in the past, I've only mopped my no wax vinyl floors with water, or diluted white vinegar or diluted ammonia. However...about 9 months ago, I bought a steam mop and I cannot tell you how it has changed my life! I absolutely love it! I did a lot of research and ended up buying the Bissell PowerFresh 1940 steam mop based on the very high number of positive reviews. Just add distilled water, plug it in and mop. No detergents, no white vinegar, no essential oils--nothing but distilled water. The first time I used it on my *clean* floors I was shocked (and disgusted) how dirty the (reusable/washable) mop pad was when I was done! A great feature of the this particular steam mop is it has 3 steam levels to choose from. I use the high setting for my tile, the medium or low on my vinyl, and low on my laminate. If your no wax floor has a high shine, I would advise you to test a small area first before using a steam mop. The steam mop dulled the shine in some places on my friend's Armstrong vinyl floor but I have had absolutely no problems with it on my Mannington and TrafficMaster Allure vinyl floors. If you are interested in checking the Bissell PowerFresh steam mop out, here's the Amazon link for it. Right now, the price is as low as I have ever seen it.