Asked on Sep 08, 2018

How to clean silver and turquoise jewelry?


I know that there are many ways to clean silver, but what about silver and turquoise jewelry? Is there a method (other than using a polishing cloth) that's safe for both the silver AND the turquoise?

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  • Ginny Ginny on Sep 08, 2018

    Ask a reputable jeweler.

  • Em Em on Sep 08, 2018

    You can use tooth paste. It does a pretty good job. They do make liquid silver tarnish removers made for silver jewelry that will not harm your jewelry. They can be purchased online. Dip rinse and dry. Look up local silversmith in your area.

  • Jen Jen on Sep 09, 2018

    this WILL sound odd...but cigarette ash is a great polish. If you know a smoker..have them save their ashes and with a damp rag make a great!

  • Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree on Oct 02, 2022

    These are many ways to clean your silver, try one of these:

    No more tarnishing with aluminum

    Boil 4 cups of water, a tablespoon of baking soda, and some aluminum foil. Place silverware in for 10 seconds then remove with kitchen tongs.

    Ketchup isn’t just for eating

    Tarnished silver can be polished with ketchup using a paper towel – for silver that has crevices, use a toothbrush.

    Kill two birds with one stone

    When using Windex to clean your windows, spray some on a rag and use it to scrub your silver.

    Brush your silver with toothpaste

    Use circular motions to brush non-gel and non-abrasive toothpaste onto silver. Leave on for five minutes before washing off with water.

    Use soda for tarnished silver

    Fill a plastic bowl with lemon-lime soda and place slightly tarnished silver in it for one hour. Rinse and dry with a paper towel.