Asked on Apr 11, 2017

Howw do you clean lime deposit out of cast iron tea kettle?

by Suzanne
We have been using the cast iron kettle on our wood stove every year to help with the dry heat. I have tried every thing to clean it short of blasting powder! I don't think lime a way is a good idea as I would like to use kettle for tea etc.
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  • A product called CLR, and there are several varieties and are also environmentally friendly to boot. My copy and paste isn't working, darn! Go to "" and you can see their entire product line. Not expensive, sold in many grocery store chains and almost any hardware or home improvement store. I have been using it for decades. Really great on shower heads too!

  • Lav13743147 Lav13743147 on Apr 11, 2017
    Hey there having cast iron myself I watched and learned from a chef whom made a corse salt paste with tiny bit of water at a time, rub it well into the iron and let it sit for awhile in a warm oven now here's the trick when able to handle the teapot take a piece of foil and wet the teapot where cleaning needed and crumble the foil which  me but when you rub it, it actually smooth out and it removed the rust and gunk right off of my skillets I hope this will work on the lime build up