Asked on Mar 13, 2017

Tip: Do you want to Never Get Down to Scrub Grout Again?

Fran Leaky
by Fran Leaky
I've posted this before and had great response, except, duh, it was all about viewers unable to find product. I'm a little 😏 compulsive. Can't leave anything undone. So here I am again. Please tell me you have success with this site and more importantly the same results, (or better) than I did with this cleaner.
If you missed the first time, all it took was spray, sponge and mop. For me it was just mop. 74 years old getting down to scrub is long gone. Full disclosure, the young guy who owns this product sent me a gallon as a thank you for my diligence. I'll have to leave whats ever left in the gallon to one of my granddaughters in my will.

q never get down to scrub grout again

Before ugh!

q never get down to scrub grout again

After. Wow
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