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Old sink stains

Cassi Collins
by Cassi Collins
We moved into a mountain home that has an old yellow double sink. We originally planned to replace it, but I fell in love with it. The problem is the staining - it's ugly and almost seems as if it's ground in. We have a septic system so can't use bleach or anything caustic. Does anyone have any ideas? We can paint it, if necessary, but I really like the pale yellow look, which will go great with the rest of the kitchen, once we're done redecorating.
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Embedded/ground in stains
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  • Have you tried baking soda? I would also try hydrogen peroxide with it. Just a little peroxide goes a long way with baking soda LOL

  • Sharon Versteeg Sharon Versteeg on Aug 21, 2013
    If it's porcelain, use any one of the denture cleaner tablets. Fill the sink with hot water and add about 10 of the tablets and let it set over night.

  • Ana Fawdry Ana Fawdry on Aug 23, 2013
    buy some pumice powder, make into a paste with a little water and scrub the stains away. It's gentle on ceramic and won't scratch it but will remove any stains in seconds.

  • Elena S Elena S on Aug 23, 2013
    spray test part with peroxide. It it is organic stain may be gone in a minute.

  • Susan Cryor Susan Cryor on Aug 23, 2013
    I have a sink made of corean, it stains and once a week I use bar keepers friend. It is non abrasive .... Do not know how it will effect your septic system

  • Sari Y Sari Y on Aug 23, 2013
    Barkeepers Friend in the cream formula rather than the powder keeps my sink sparkling and removed old stains left from our well water when we moved into our house in the country.

  • Nel216949 Nel216949 on Aug 23, 2013
    I Love barkeepers friend.the powder is awesome on my kitchen sink

  • William Dianne Miller William Dianne Miller on Aug 23, 2013
    I have a septic tank and use bleach all the time!

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    • Sunny Sunny on Aug 25, 2013
      @William Dianne Miller We use bleach, etc. You can use yeast or buy enzymes at the hardware to replenish the bacteria in the septic tank.

  • Ann Alba Ann Alba on Aug 23, 2013
    I have a corian counter & Sink I love the fact it has no seams. The sink is a light color so stains are a problem, I use Baking soda with peroxide in a paste form to scrub the big stains then I fill the sink up with water let is soak most of the day.this treatment works best for me.

  • Joanie1051 Joanie1051 on Aug 23, 2013
    Well, it certainly can't hurt to try the Dawn/white vinegar/lemon juice concoction. It keeps my daughter's stainless steel sink sparkling even though she has well water (hardest water on the planet!), so it would be worth a try on a porcelain sink, too. Mix a cup of Dawn a cup of white vinegar and 1/4 cup lemon juice. Just spray on and let sit 30 - 40 mins. and rinse off. Might take a half dozen go 'rounds, but no scrubbing is the big appeal here! Good luck!

  • BeazerBea BeazerBea on Aug 23, 2013
    Really TRY THIS.....the liquid soap that you put into the dish washer machine, place it on a cheep form brush, and apply to stains...entire sink...let rest on it about 20 minutes, and rinse off with hot water......BAM...BooYa....New Sink ...

    • Judy Judy on Aug 23, 2013
      @BeazerBea I love liquid dishwasher soap for so many cleaning projects! It does a great job degreasing my range hood too!

  • Judy Judy on Aug 23, 2013
    I have a septic system too & occasionally use cleanser on my sink & tub. There's so little bleach in it that you don't have to worry about it stopping your septic from working properly & if you are worried then just wait a few days & flush some yeast down the drain.

  • Amy Bolden Amy Bolden on Aug 23, 2013
    If you're worried about your septic tank pour butter milk down your toilet it produces bacteria needed to help it

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    • Judy Judy on Aug 27, 2013
      @Sunny Never heard of that....are you sure he wasn't pulling your leg? Or maybe that was just to start it working again after pumping......

  • BeazerBea BeazerBea on Aug 24, 2013
    Did you try it??? Send Pics

  • Jeanne Nelson Jeanne Nelson on Aug 24, 2013
    Does anyone have suggestions for cleaning out mineral lines in toilet bowls? Even my pumice stone doesn't work as well as I would like.

  • Susan Cryor Susan Cryor on Aug 25, 2013
    there was a posting on that....but I got down and dirty, got 3 of them sparkling then put in the mineral sticks that go into the tank....8 months later. Toilets still sparkle!

    • Sunny Sunny on Aug 25, 2013
      @Susan Cryor Great idea! What are the mineral sticks called & where do you buy them?

  • Susan Cryor Susan Cryor on Aug 26, 2013
    ChemFree non toxic toilet bowl cleaners. Google on Amazon. Set of 2 for $16.00 worth every cent. Follow instructions for cleaning the bowl first. They last up to 5 years! Our time is certainly worth it, and pets will not get sick if you have a bowl drinker!

  • Joanie1051 Joanie1051 on Aug 26, 2013
    Jeanne - On the toilet bowl issue - I've heard both the Coke remedy (just pour in a can and let sit overnight, regular Coke, not diet) and the denture cleaner tablets (same thing - drop in and let sit overnight).

  • Judy Judy on Aug 27, 2013
    I don't know about you all but my toilet's water level is just below the mineral line......

  • Jeanne Nelson Jeanne Nelson on Aug 29, 2013
    Mine is below the water level also - don't how that can be. Thanks for the input. I'm willing to give all your suggestions a try. Nothing else has worked for me.

  • Sandee Trevino Sandee Trevino on Aug 31, 2013
    Here is a link to septic safe cleaning products. Hope this helps. I love the All in one clay and Limescale remover to get rid of my hard water build up.

  • MarleneH MarleneH on Aug 31, 2013
    A package of yeast once in a while is also very good for septic tanks. We have a lagoon and I'm not supposed to use bleach with it.

  • Kathy Kathy on Sep 08, 2013
    Try magic eraser sponges.

  • Sandee Trevino Sandee Trevino on Sep 15, 2013
    Here is the clay I use to scrub all my non scratch surfaces and septic safe.

  • Christine Willson Christine Willson on Jul 22, 2014
    What is the "coke" remedy for cleaning?

  • Joanie1051 Joanie1051 on Jul 25, 2014
    Christine - The Coke thing is supposedly for old toilet bowls stains. Just pour in a can/bottle and let it sit overnight and flush in the morning. It's supposed to dissolve old lime rings, etc. I haven't ever had to try it, so I have no idea if it works. And it could be an old wives tale for all I know!! :) Personally, I'd go with the Mr. Clean eraser...

    • My daughter did the coke thing to her toilet and it worked very well. Her main reaction was " holy cow, it really worked". Lol give it a try.

  • Debbie Koski Debbie Koski on Jul 26, 2014
    pumice stone, a friend told my mom and it really worked

  • Rhonda Lacey-Wade Rhonda Lacey-Wade on Jul 27, 2014
    You can adjust the water level in the t.bowl, first lift the lid and make sure to put it where it will not get damaged. then by adjusting the float by very small movement of the screw easily found on top never the flush handle.

  • Anney Anney on Jul 27, 2014
    OK, back to your sink above....try using Bar Keeper's Friend and the Magic Clean Erasers.

  • Gloria Duy Gloria Duy on Jan 11, 2015
    I have a septic and I plug the sink and put bleach on a rag and rub it all over and let it sit. Then I take a clean damp rag and wipe the bleach off and throw the rags away. I have never had any problems. Between doing that I use Bar Keepers Friend.

  • Cassi Collins Cassi Collins on Jan 11, 2015
    Unfortunately, I moved from my mountain home, but I tried all of the options and solutions that were suggested to get rid of sink stains, with no result at all. It's as if the dirt was mixed in with the porcelain itself - rather than being a stain ON the porcelain, the stain appears to be IN the porcelain. This isn't just in a few spots - the entire sink has a grayish looking 'stain.' I think the only solution at this point, which I didn't get around to, is to just paint it. I thank you all for your suggestions. (I do like Bar Keeper's Friend and the Magic Erasers for everything else!)

  • Gra12957711 Gra12957711 on Nov 02, 2016
    I had a friend who had his old bathtub refinished and it looked like new. Check online or maybe a phone book.