Simple Ways to Conquer Four Spring Cleaning Horrors

by BrightNest
If you took a little deep-cleaning hiatus during winter, your upcoming spring cleaning session may take a “Stephen King” turn pretty fast. We can help! Here are four Spring Cleaning Horrors and easy ways to dispel them:
Clutter Monsters Under the Bed. Your room may look great, but if you’re scared to look under the bed, you probably have a clutter problem. The longer you go without checking down there...
A Nightmare on Your Drip Pans. If your drip pans start to smoke every time you light a burner, cleaning them can definitely have nightmare-ish qualities. Make the chore easier by trying one of these tried-and-true drip pan cleaning...
Death Smells in Your Dirty Fridge. You’re hungry in the middle of the night and stumble into the kitchen to grab a snack. Then, it happens. You open the fridge and are immediately hit with smell straight from the ninth circle of hell!
Night of the Dirty Baseboards. Baseboard dirt creeps up on ya (just like a zombie). You may not notice the dust at first, but all of a sudden, boom! The baseboards are filthy and your “simple dusting”...
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