Zero Mess, Handy Tip For Cleaning Grease From Pans or Baking Sheets

3 Materials
2 Minutes

We shared this tip way back in 2017 on Chemistry Cachet, and it continues to be a household hack readers write in about.

It is a handy thing to know and add to your list of cleaning methods.

The best part is it is cheap, quick, and zero mess!

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  • Table Salt
  • Paper Towel

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  1. Pour table salt on the entire greasy surface after it is cooled (pan, baking sheet, or even plates).
  2. Make sure all the grease is covered in salt (the salt will soak up all the grease if you use enough).
  3. With your paper towel, wipe up with salt and throw away in the trash can!
  4. Most of the time, this removes all of the grease, but if you need to, follow up with an other paper towel for any residue. Note, if you use enough salt the first time, there usually isn’t any residue left
  5. You can now just lightly rinse or clean your pan without any grease getting into sink or drain!


Again, this is just a little cleaning hack to save you time in the kitchen. It has been a favorite among readers since 2017. Just recently there have been some questions I want to add.

Does the salt scratch the pan?

No, if you are using regular table salt, it should never scratch a pan. You are gentle using the salt to absorb grease. There shouldn’t be any impact on scratching. Salt absorbs grease, and is actually more gentle than many store-bought abrasives.

What if I use a method I already like?

This has been a strange concern, but please remember, on Chemistry Cachet we share dozens of methods for household situations. It is all about quick, easy, and convenient. If you are in a hurry with a grease filled pan, this is just one of many methods to know! You certainly don’t have to use it

Suggested materials:
  • Table salt   (store)
  • Paper towels   (store)
  • Dish soap   (store)
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  • Carol Carol on Jan 22, 2022

    My problem is even though I use just a little oil in my fry pan, the outside gets blackened with cooked-on grease which I can't get off, so it builds up & ruins my pan! Any suggestions?

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