Heavy Duty Pond Clean-out

by Cepontzsons
Check out this awesome video of a Heavy duty pond clean-out in progress at Loxley’s One of our finest water features, the sheer volume of water coming down this 30’+ stream will put you in awe! The water feature at Loxley’s boast’s a massive pond with 6,000 plus gallons with large cascading waterfalls, mature aquatic plants and tons of large beautiful Koi. If you’re ever in the area Feel free to grab a quick bite or a cool beverage while you sit and enjoy this masterpiece!The pond has plenty of fish and plant life and blends in perfectly with the natural theme of the restaurant itself. If you’re hungry, go in and grab a bite to eat and don’t forget to check out the stream that runs right through the bar upstairs which was also installed by pontz.
After the Cleaning
After the Cleaning
After the Cleaning
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