Asked on Mar 25, 2015

Does anyone have a homemade version of Goo b Gone?

Cynthia Madore
by Cynthia Madore
I need to clean the area where my metal strip of sliding glass doors used to be for 25 yrs. I don't won't to use hazardous chemicals if I don't have to. thanks, Cindy
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  • Candy Boydston-Horton Candy Boydston-Horton on Mar 25, 2015
    I saw a recipe for that coconut oil and baking soda, it worked on removing labels

  • Sandra Whittier Sandra Whittier on Mar 25, 2015
    vegetable oil and baking soda wipe, the oil off with vinegar

  • Nivasi Frankly-Speaks Nivasi Frankly-Speaks on Mar 26, 2015
    The gist of the formula uses one part oil to two parts baking soda and you can use whatever oil you prefer. Canola oil, vegetable oil and coconut oil are a few favorites. Just mix one cup (or whatever measurement you want) to two cups of baking soda and store in an airtight container. (1/3 Oil 2/3 Baking soda)

  • Cynthia Madore Cynthia Madore on Mar 27, 2015
    Hi Girls, thanks for your prompt reply's will give it a go & let you know of my success! cindy