How else can I use Borax powder?

by Maria

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    Add to the laundry and making a solution with sugar water to kill ants.

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    Loosens dirt and grime. (Washing)

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    What Insects Will Borax Chase Away or Kill?

    Written by Susan Lundman; Updated December 15, 2018

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    Available as a powder, paste, spray, tablet or liquid, borax kills quite a few different insects, both indoors and out. With over 500 different applications, borax is in wide use. Farmers use borax formulations on both food and non-food crops. It appears in plant fertilizers, household cleaners and detergents and in personal care products. With certain cautions, you can safely use borax to keep a variety of insects at bay.

    What is Borax

    A naturally occurring mineral that is also found in some fruits, vegetables and drinking water, borax consists of boric acid, a refined form of borax, and sodium salts. Most soaps and fertilizers contain a very low percentage of boric acid, while borax bait contains about 5 percent, and many pesticides contain up to 99 percent. Even so, borax pesticide is considered far less toxic than other pesticides you might buy at a nursery or garden store, while still being poisonous to bugs. When insects eat borax, they experience stomach and nervous system problems, and will eventually die. Borax also damages the skin of some insects, also causing death.Warning

    While there are no definitive studies that children are more sensitive to boric acid than adults, small children may get a larger dosage of the toxin when they play on the floor. For that reason, avoid using borax in places where children might encounter the substance in any form.

    Susceptible Insects and Plants

    Borax in its insecticide formulations doesn't kill all insects. It does kill ants, cockroaches, mites and spiders, among other insects, and it can also kill algae, molds and fungi. Borax doesn't kill some insects such as aphids or ticks that eat plant juices, and it doesn't kill insect larva. Unfortunately, borax can also kill some plants, because the sodium in the borax products dries out the plants.

    How to Use Borax

    If you buy a commercial borax product designed as an insecticide, use it as directed on the label. Here are some ideas of how and where to use it in your yard:

    • Make a bait with equal parts borax and powdered sugar, and sprinkle it where bugs congregate. This method works if you don't have small children who might come into contact with the bait.
    • For households with children, make a bait that doesn't contaminate an area where children play. Mix 2 cups of powdered sugar, 3 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of borax, and pour the mixture over cotton balls in a glass jar. Tighten the lid of the jar and punch a few small nail holes in it for the bugs to enter. Set the traps near to where ants nest or travel.
    • Spoon or spray borax powder in cracks along a brick or stone retaining wall or driveways and under rocks to kill boxelder bugs, elm leaf beetle and other insects.
    • Place borax in a glass jar and place it anywhere in your garden to attract and kill insects.

    Cautions When Using Borax

    Borax is not overly toxic to humans, birds, bees and most aquatic life, but it can irritate your eyes, hands or lungs if you breath fumes or ingest the product from residue on your hands. Reduce the risks by wearing gloves and long sleeves when handling borax and by washing your hands thoroughly after using it. Don't use powders or sprays on windy days when you might be exposed to fumes. And, use borax only where pets and children won't have access to it.

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