Raid your drawers for old stockings

Make your own dryer balls using yarn and stockings, and save money on dryer sheets. Get tutorial here

Stock up on hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (& vinegar too, for that matter) is a natural cleaner for most anything - like toys. Get tutorial here

Start saving your citrus peels

Use citrus-infused vinegar to naturally disinfect and clean dirty areas around your home - free! Get tutorial here

Mix up a spray to help with dusting

Before you start dusting every crevice and corner like a mad person, make it easier with this! Get tutorial here

Gather all your old, ratty t-shirts

Old t-shirts are amazing for DIY reusable disinfectant wipes, fabric softener pads, etc. Get tutorial here

Buy enough aluminum foil to coat your sink

Sound like a random amount? Once you see this instant silver cleaning trick you'll understand. Get tutorial here

Have a few extra ice cube trays on hand

Whether you're making toilet cleaner bombs like these or washing tablets, ice trays are a must. Get tutorial here

Clean out a few mason jars

Keep mason jars handy for easy DIY cleaning mixes, like this popular laundry sauce. Get tutorial here

Get an extra toothbrush for grout

Cleaning grout doesn't have to be hard (with THESE tips), but a toothbrush will make it very easy. Get tutorial here

Gather an arsenal of favorite essential oils

Essential oils are (ahem) essential to any good DIY cleaner, like this natural linen spray. Get tutorial here