Make sure you’ve got serviettes for spillage

Add a few drops of Acrylic to shaving cream and sweep the napkins through. A gorgeous table topper! Get tutorial here

Roll out a bar cart & keep everyone hydrated

Redo a bar cart in gorgeous patterns. A perfect thing to have at a party and great decor for later. Get tutorial here

Use water balloons to keep your drinks cold

They add a pop of color, and you won’t have to keep changing the ice. Get tutorial here

Cover the toiletries with something pretty

Guest bathrooms can be awkward so lessen the strangeness with a pop of tissue paper. Get tutorial here

Bring out the fancier and cleaner tea towels

No need to buy new towels, add patterns to your existing ones to freshen them up for guests. Get tutorial here

Add more natural lighting

Tea lights are a great way to add more ambiance, are great in an emergency and are easy decor. Get tutorial here

Keep your cutlery organized with a holder

When the party gets loud, make sure the cutlery is easy to find and easy to keep in one place. Get tutorial here

Make sure to have extra coat and bag storage

When you’ve got guests coming over, you don’t want a coat pile to build. Add a temporary rack. Get tutorial here

Make your own citronella candles

Have a bug-free party with these great candles. Get tutorial here

Turn a plastic bin into a galvanized tub

With some metallic spray paint, your guests won’t know it’s actually from the dollar store. Get tutorial here

Make easy speakers with toilet paper rolls

This is a great hack if you need to play some music in a hurry. Get tutorial here

Use tin cans for awesome solar lighting

These lights bring great ambiance to an evening party. Get tutorial here

Decorate plain plasticware with washi-tape

Make your plastic forks and knives festive with this hack. Get tutorial here

Get your mirrors spotlessly clean

No one wants guests to see smudges on reflective surfaces. Here’s a nifty trick with newspaper! Get tutorial here